Becoming an Eastern Catholic?

Could be. I became interested in the Eastern Churches after attending a couple of retreats at St. Andrew’s Abbey…:highprayer:

…hosted by a group of Eastern Monks currently at the Abbey. The Eastern Monks encouraged me to attend…

…to see if I liked it. I do, and may soon be changing parishes. How about that? Not that any of this has impressed my three cats:dts:

Thats great news. I love my UGCC Parish!!

Christ is Baptized!

Wonderful. Catherine Alexander/ Your Word From The Wise has a terrific group of interviews with the monks from Holy Resurrection Romanian Catholic Monastery, who are living at Valyermo now. If you’re lucky enough to live near enough to HRM to visit there, there is no better resource.

The Society of St. John Chrysostom — Western Region website has a lot of information as well, especially for So CA…

…to see if I liked it. I do, and may soon be changing parishes. How about that? Not that any of this has impressed my three cats:dts:

There are only four of us Russian parishes in the US. Ours in SF is very tiny in number but large in piety and joy! We’re blest with visitors all the time. In addition to a number of the faithful from far and wide, on Theophany amongst our visitors was a Ukranian Greek Catholic sub-deacon from British Columbia and today we were graced with a visit from an Archpriest from the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS. Cyril and Methodius in PA.

We have a neighborhood cat who does his best to sneak into our temple every time the door is left open.

Awesome! Our subdeacon made his way there!

Um…that IS the group of monks that my last retreat was with. They share the area of St. Andrew’s Abbey in Valyermo, although they have a seperate chapel:blush:

They were planning to move from Newberry Springs back east a few years ago and then that fell through after they’d already sold their property to the Saint Antony Coptic Orthodox Monastery. The monks at St Andrew’s invited them to come out there to Valyermo.

They used to have a very entertaining video on their old website of Fr. Moses and Fr Abbot Nicholas cooking. :smiley: I don’t know where that is now.

Fr. Maximos in his “From the Monk’s Cell” reflections is a frequent contributor to Fr Loya’s Light of the East radio,

Indeed; Fr. Maximos Davis was the leader of that retreat I was at, 31 December - 2 January. He made sure I took communion without the wine. (I am a recovered alcoholic, 26 years sober.) And he was the one who mentioned St. Andrew’s in El Segundo.

Fr. Maximos is also leading other retreats, and I plan to attend those. 28 - 31 March, and 3-5 June, with more to come.:thumbsup:

How does one only recieve the Body, and not the Blood, in the Byzantine rite?

You can let the priest know before hand and he can save one particle for you when you come forward to receive Holy Communion in the same way as is received at the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts.

Do attend!

I would encourage you to attend St. Andrew’s in El Segundo. I attend that parish when I am in Los Angeles visiting my parents. Father Alexei is a very hospitable and gracious pastor. Deacon Ireneaus is scrappy and old, but the joy is evident in his face.

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