bed question

Ok this maybe a silly question.

I am getting married a few weeks. My fiance and I both have occasional back pain. When I moved here like 9 months ago I bought a pillow mattress topper to help me back, so basically I like sink into the bed. I LOVE It, but my fiance has taken a nap here and says it is not firm enough and it hurts his back. We are not rich and cannot afford a sleep number bed. I thought about cutting my topper in half or trading off nights with it on one night and off the other but wondered if anyone had any other advice.

I think if you have a bed smaller than king sized, this could be a bit of a problem, but try some things.

In the same situation, I’d try it with the topper in its own sheet hanging off of your side of the bed, with the idea of either buying a single-size for your half of the bed or else cutting the one you have. You can’t “uncut” it, after all.

I wouldn’t do the trade-off thing. You’ll both sleep better with something consistent, and pillow toppers aren’t a lot of fun to mess with, being heavy.

My parents have the same problem, and they simply push two twin sized beds with mattresses of different firmness together to make a king. It’s always worked just fine.

Put half of the topper on your side, wrap the rest of it around and under the mattress so you don’t have to cut it. Put the fitted sheet over it. If you like it, and it works, then cut it in half. You might want to add some Velcro strips along the “middle of the bed edge” to the mattress and the topper to keep it in place. Congratulations on your marriage, btw! :slight_smile:

Use a twin size one just on your side of the bed.

The two twin mattress suggestion sounds good, if you have the room for a king.

I know you don’t think you can afford a sleep number bed, but my husband and I purchased one with our first tax refund and have loved it for the past 7 years. We got just the basic model and paid around $1000 for the mattress and base - maybe some people can pool together and get it as a wedding gift? I especially like that I can adjust the firmness on my side when I’m pregnant vs not. An added bonus is that it all breaks down into (relatively) small sections so we have never had any trouble when we have moved to different houses.

That is good to know! We have wanted to get a king size bed, but had no idea how we could ever get it into our bedroom considering how our house is configured. It’s probably a few years down the road, but thanks for sharing - I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley:

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