Been an usher


Have you been an usher at Mass?



Have no idea how to ush!!!


I’ve never done it.

But my son does.

Do you have a question?


I’m an usher, every 11 AM 3rd Sunday of the month Mass.


I considered it, but based on HH Francis’ exhortation to “be a good layman,” we have enough folks for parish internal duties, so I am helping to deliver bread donations to local missions once a week.


Yup, I’d help my dad up until I became an EMHC. I’ll usher once in a while if I’m not serving as an EMHC.


At Sunday Mass, if I am not an altar server, I have been an usher.


I wish that were the case at our parish.

Even when my son isn’t scheduled, he is asked to help. I am sure he would like to be a person in the pew. But alas, we don’t have enough volunteers.


Yup. :slight_smile:


At my parish, a lot of people that help with the collection aren’t ushers, just people who specifically help collect.


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