Beer and Catholics

Just another reason we Catholics are cooler than tea-totaling Protestants :laughing: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

St Arnold


Good to know! St. Arnold of Soissons, pray for us. :beer:


St. Arnold of Soissons, pray for us!


Just cracked open a Michelob Ultra :beer:


I don’t know how I feel about that specific beer, but ¡Salud! :beers:

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And then there’s St Brigid whose legend and writings are associated with the blessings of beer. I’m not a beer drinker except on special occasions like having some Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day. But tonight I have cooked up a kielbasa with cabbage checks (square cut noodles) which comes from my German heritage. I may have to see what my cellar has to offer in the way of beer. So for my private Oktoberfest celebration I’ll say “Prost”!


I like the taste of a good IPA
Unfortunately it doesn’t like me, I get a headache while drinking my first

St. Arnold of Soissons, pray for Me

Until then
Coffee please


I wish I’d known about St. Arnold when I was enjoying too much beer in my 20s. I could have used his intercession for moderation :disappointed:. Now I’m devoted to Matt Talbot! :innocent:


Good! Stay on the wagon!

I’ve got enough friends and family that cannot handle their liquor :unamused::tumbler_glass:


That reminds me of the electrical job I did at the Anheuser Busch Brewery in Van Nuys back in 1987. Someday I’ll tell you all about it :older_man:



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As a native-born Portland, OR resident, I’m so over IPA’s. They’re a dime a dozen here in Portland and they’ve been done to death. But… I’m glad you like them! :wink: I’m a Pilsner guy, myself.

I also dislike most IPAs. It has the good effect of narrowing my choices at the geek beer store as almost everything is an IPA.

I tend to like lagers, or red ales, or kolsch, or porters with chocolate/ peanut butter/ similar flavor.

But really I’ll try most anything that isn’t an American IPA.


Yeah, Kölsch and Red Ales are good too. Most lagers I find to be too light, although some Mexican lagers like Tecate and Pacifico are good. There are TONS of microbreweries here in Portland (aka, “Beervana”) and there are several Mexican style Lagers made locally that are pretty darn good, too. Besides finding IPA’s too “hoppy” they’re too trendy for me. Like Pumpkin Spice Everything. I say IPA’s are PSL’s for basic dudes. LOL!

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@christofirst Thank you for the introduction to Venerable Matt Talbot. Not having heard of him before I took the time to look up his life’s story. I’ve copied a couple of prayers said through his intercession for help against the chains of addiction into Laudate under My Prayers. I hope that these specific prayers will help turn around a family member who has this problem. He had left the Church years ago to join a nondenominational Protestant evangelical church. He no longer belongs or goes to any church and his drinking may be the reason for that. I appreciate your sharing the information about Matt Talbot.


I’m not huge on beer (prefer straight whiskey if I’m gonna indulge), but I have had a very good pumpkin ale or two and I’m not adverse to Shiner if it’s on tap.



I prefer a good Bourbon or Irish Whiskey myself, but I didn’t see a meme about patron saints of whiskey, so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Jameson for daaaaaaaays!!!

Eh, it’s all good. Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into alcohol, so I figure most everything is covered one way or another. :wink:

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I mean, you’re not wrong! LOL!

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I like the way some pair with food.
especially with raw oysters and anything with hot sauce

alas, it is not to be any time soon

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Colorado is kind of getting IPA’d to death, too, but some are quite good. I’m not big on hoppy beer so I always ask…and a good barkeeper knows his brews!

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