Beer Island?


I had a dream last night that I was stranded on an island surrounded by an ocean, however the ocean was 100% beer! I hate alchohol. How could it get any worse? I asked. Then it started raining beer! :eek:
Would you like to go to “beer island?”


I enjoy beer! Especially a nice cold Mich Ultra whilst watching a good ol’ GATOR basketball game…:wink:

GO GATORS! :smiley:

Sounds like a cool dream to me!


mmmmmmmmm beeeeeeerrrrr!!! (in my best Homer Simpson voice).:smiley:




I’m with Orogeny on this one! :smiley: Some days after the kids go to sleep, I like to pop a top and just relax. It’s been a long past couple of months, lemme tell ya! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was missing beer during this last pregnancy. Usually the thought of a beer when pregnant turns my stomach but I was really having cravings. My husband packed me a few Mich Ultras for the hospital. I had one the second night and it was just such a delicious reward for a job well done.


I wouldn’t cry about beer island, but chocolate island sounds nice also. Really, Beer, Chocolate, and Pizza Island has a dreamy ring to it.


moose tracks icecream island! anyway…I hated beer island because I think beer is evil and I am afraid of it.


YUMMM!!! Beer island sounds great to me!

I can’t wait. 2 more months and I’m going to wean this little dude. I’m going to have a little celebration with a six pack after the kids go to bed night!!!


I don’t mind beer but its NOT my favorite. I prefer Rye Whiskey but since that option wasn’t here so I opted for Chocolate syrup


Beer Island (moving right on to the Vodka Archipelago, beer isn’t my favorite), the cigarette jungles, the chocolate waterfall… I like this geography :smiley:


Beer isn’t evil but the abuse of it is. If alcoholism runs in your family then the scenario would be frightening. Your choices don’t mention an island with both beer and chocolate. I would like that. An occasional brewski but lots of chocolate that never makes you any fatter.


actually the waterfall in my dream was beer. My friends all got drunk on my island. But a few nights ago I had a dream that a waterfall was cake batter! :slight_smile: I joined them getting “sugar high” and then after we ate 2 pounds of cake batter we went on a dizzy rollercoaster that came out of nowhere! I love dreams! :slight_smile:

but at the end of my dream I died because a beer tycoon hit my island! Not to mention, there were cows made of chili on my island.

I don’t think I would like a cigarette rainforest…I can’t imagine a cigarette as big as a tree. :confused:


Can you put me in your dreams? They sound yummy!:smiley:


Chocolate island sounds good to me! Put some pizza and french fries and Coke in the mix and it’s the perfect meal! :slight_smile: I can’t wait til I have the baby and no longer am committed to keeping my diet under wraps (I have gestational diabetes)…not that I’ll go hog-wild, but I’d like to have the ability to drink a can of pop :).


Beer is tasty. I’ll swap you dreams in a second.
Pocky Island would be even better, though.


I would like beer island, but the problem is, if there is beer where there is supposed to be water, where would we go to the bathroom? wouldn’t want to poddy and mess up some good beer :slight_smile:


Dig a trench a couple hundred feet inland. :smiley:

Also, are there any beerfish?


I love beer. Please tell me that there is popcorn and other munchies on this island, too!


beer island sounds great :slight_smile: lol, I’m so feminine, beer and shots only for me. no mixed drinks, smirnoffs, just beer and shots :stuck_out_tongue:


As a Knight of Columbus, I hereby claim this “Beer Island” for my council!

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