Beersheba church defaced in new anti-Christian 'price-tag' attack


BEERSHEBA (Ma’an) – A church in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba was defaced with anti-Christian graffiti attacking Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary on Friday in the latest in a string of attacks by suspected Jewish extremists targeting Palestinian Christian sites.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the graffiti on the church in the old city of Beersheba read: “Jesus = Son of a whore.”

Spokesman for the Israeli police Luba Samari confirmed the incident, and said police have opened an investigation into it.

The “price tag” group of Jewish extremists need to be infiltrated, arrested and prosecuted by Israeli law enforcement for their vandalism.

The social peace needs to be maintained.

Another “price tag” defaced Catholic church in Jerusalem earlier this month:

Anti-Christian graffiti was found Friday morning on a wall adjacent to a Roman church on Hahoma Hashlishit Street in Jerusalem in another in a series of hate crimes. The graffiti read “Price tag, King David is for the Jews, Jesus is garbage.”

In addition, “Death to Arabs” graffiti was spotted on the door of a home and on an electrical box in the Old City of Jerusalem. The police opened an investigation.


Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner. :highprayer:


I don’t understand, what is it that they have against Christians? :confused::confused:


It’s been rumored that the tomb of King David would be turned over to the Vatican. Some ultra-Orthodox Jews don’t like the idea at all. However, the Vatican itself has denied the claim.


It isn’t directed just at Christians, but also Muslims, Israeli peace groups and even Israeli military bases. The price-tag campaign originates from the extremists in the settler movement, and finds ground among extremists who are sympathetic to it.

The acts have been condemned by Israeli leaders across the political spectrum.

Justice Minister Tzipi Livni on Friday morning blasted the recent spate of attacks, saying: “There is a hardcore, ideological group, based in Judea and Samaria, in certain settlements, who want to prevent us from living here in any reasonable way.”


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