Begging gypsy children

We know that there are poor people in the world today in need of our help. However, there has begun a movement against the gypsies in Europe today, with people complaining about the children of gypsies being beaten and forced to beg or steal for their parents. Some gypsies are good people and hold down good jobs to support their families. However, there is an underlying culture which has been subject to criticism by neo-Nazis and other whites in Europe today where some gypsy children are required to beg or steal. There was a BBC documentary about this.
Should people give to begging gypsy children?

My thoughts on this are to direct the children to where they can get more substantial help. If that’s not possible, than rather than give money, ascertain what their real needs are (food, clothing, something to keep them warm), and just buy that for them. It would be more impactful than just giving them money, which can easily be taken from them and put to uses which do not benefit the child.

When I see beggars, I try to keep in mind that the important thing is that I try to help. What they do with my aide falls to them, I will have done good in the efforts to help them, whether they were fruitful or not.

I agree with your first paragraph. The second seems to contradict it. I recently watched a documentary on street children in Eastern Europe. When given cash, some of it went to older children acting as bosses. One way or another the cash ended up being used to purchase Aurolac, a brand or type of paint that the children would pour into a plastic bag and inhale the fumes. It causes permanent brain damage. So while giving cash may ease one’s conscience, one may in fact be assisting in the child harming him or her self.

One can be critical of dysfunctional social attitudes amongst some of the Roma without supporting the idiocies of neo-Nazis who only this week ran around Slovakia attempting to attack Roma in protest marches where the police had to intervene and a number of police were attacked. Also there are serious concerns in some Eastern European nations such as Slovakia about policies of enforced stereilization been used in a covert manner against the Roma. I

No. Their begging is a scam.

Begging children is a very complex issue and is not just limited to gypsies. It would be better to support the ministries that help street children and their situations. It isn’t fair to judge them all as scam artists and we should view them as victims instead, victims of their circumstances and often victims of abuse by their families and others in the street. The better is to directly support or volunteer to help in ministries that are dealing directly with children in these situations.

I would give to any begging child and ask if i could help them in anyway and romani are discriminated against in all nations Im of romani descent and i live in mexico i have been called a dirty thieving gyp many times, and the previous poster stating that old world romanis are sterilized by the gov is true many romani women are sterilized in eastern europe when they deliver via ceasarean its common knowledge to new world romani with old world family ties, and the part about holding down jobs is also true many romani have to move from state to state to work even in the U.S. because of stereotypes and discrimination

Yes, we have issues with discrimination concerning the Irish traveller populace in my own country. They are less identifiably Roma though as they are ad admixture of Roman and Irish people dispossessed of their land at various times. They are no angels but they face a host of stereotypes and petty bigotry at times. One article of around a decade or so in a major Irish newspaper caused huge controversy because the author who is a well known journalist advised rural people to keep shotguns and attack dogs handy if travellers camped nearby. Some petty examples of purported law enforcement have been a major problem as well, one Garda (Irish police officer) was dismissed from the force when it became clear he was harassing a young gypsy family by telling them constantly to stop displaying an Irish flag. Technically under Irish law only govt bodies and official groups should fly or display the flag but the results is many thousands of people do and he looked a real fool when all this ended up in court and the defence threw down a load of photos of flags in local windows etc. and asked why he wasn’t knocking on those doors.

the problem is just as bad in America except what happens is towns or cities create laws that criminalize the poor and homeless, and more over make it very hard for ordinary people to help them by creating laws that forbid handing out food to the homeless.

Society basically wants the poor and homeless to be contained in certain areas where they are not an eye sore or an inconvience to areas of the general population such as downtowns, parks, etc.

I think the one time I was hit hard by poverty was in another diocese, attending mass at a parish I had never been to before and there was a mother and her three children begging for anything… and it was a very odd feeling, some gave before and after mass, I would say most didn’t… the family I did notice did not enter the church for mass, so now that I think about that I really don’t know what to think about that particular instance.

But I am more frustrated when cities and their governing councils create laws that indirectly criminalize being poor or homeless… Then you have parts of humanity in our society who gripe and complain that the homeless of any age are being too aggressive in their panhandling, which sometimes can be true, but the simple answer would be to call law enforcement not to go and create a new law that prohibits panhandling and thusly negatively effects all poor and homeless in an area. My town is full of sick individuals who think they are the upper class of society and are constantly griping on the matter, the joke is we live in such a poor joke of a town compared to the towns which are actually bigger, and wealthier in every sense of the term !

So how does one then tell the needy from those who are just scamming ? or how does one tell a child who is being abused and forced to beg from one that is actually homeless ? I do not have the answers. But for me in my town I did take the time to email our Bishop on what our officials are doing to the homeless via creating laws etc… though my message I do not think conveyed what I really wanted to reflect I think I at least informed our Bishop and hopefully helped him to become more aware of what is going on in our area.

An then I can reflect on how Christ said " you will always have the poor, but I will be with you only for a short while ". or the Beatitudes of " the meek inheriting the earth " / if meek is referencing the poor, homeless, and the children thus mentioned in this thread… I guess it is true. I can’t really make heads or tails out of it but this thread made me think.

The second paragraph was aimed more at the times when I don’t have the ability to stop and really figure out what they need.

A very interesting documentary but very sad. A few Gypsies used to camp each summer near where I lived. But I haven’t seen them for 50 years now. I had no idea that they were a problem. I think this is something that has developed since the end of communism in Europe. What is the answer? The problem begins in Romania, which really doesn’t have the resources to deal with the problem.


Here is another interesting article.

This is probably the most persecuted, mistreated people in history. What has happend to them is a crime. Much like ghettoized people in many countries.


What should you do when you are relaxing in a public park and all of a sudden a few Roma come by and grab a few ducks and proceed to cut off their heads. They throw the head in the trash can, but make off with the rest of the duck.

You should treat that as the actions of certain individuals behaving criminally as with any other group. No more or no less.

The Travellers are their own worst enemy. I still remember hearing the story about the families who were given free housing by the Council because they wanted to settle down. Only to find that the travellers then sold their free houses and went off somewhere else. They are not like normal people I think, but at least they are good for a laugh - stories of a grim-humour type.

They are not like normal people I think


Where are the “pro-lifers”

If you want to be pro-life, you should be pro-life after the child is born too.

Agreed, but one should be pro-life both BEFORE and AFTER.

This is not right because you don’t see nonRoma cutting off the heads of the ducks in public parks.

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