Beginner theology/philosophy for preteens

My eleven year old has been asking questions that make me want to find him some beginner theology/philosophy books to read. He’s an advanced reader for his age and very logical.
Some examples:
What would have happened if Mary hasn’t agreed to be the mother of God?
Is it possible not to sin?
If God knows everything why did he create the world to watch it all happen anyways?
Do our choices matter if God already knows everything and how things will turn out?
We have been happy to tackle these with him and they turn into great (and long) conversations. Taking to him about the topics isn’t a problem, but I would like to give him more Catholic food for though. These aren’t new questions!
Any suggestions for resources?


They’re actually pretty good questions. I don’t know of any resources for him, but I really wish I did because I kind of want to help.

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Books by Catholic Answers are generally accessible to beginners. “Behold Your Mother” is a good book for Marian doctrines, for example.


Possible future Priest in the making there. Great that you are asking this for him.


I have no suggestions as far as books go, but Catholic Answers website has many articles, etc that could help answer a particular question. In addition, they publish Catholic Answers Magazine that have articles and a question and answer format that might be helpful. I’m not sure though if an eleven year old could handle some of the articles, but you could possibly help.

I envy you having that kind of problem!!:wink:


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These reflect common What Ifs? oft-asked by those seeking to find loopholes in Christianity…

Better for him and you to get to learn all you can about Jesus - for the hopeful sake of Faith

That’s an interesting perspective.
How better to learn about your faith than by exploring the loopholes? 🤷
He’s 11. I’m glad he’s asking questions about his faith! It means he’s thinking about it and he’ll be able to defend it when he finds the answers.
Do you have any resources you would recommend?


YouCat. Ignatius Press publishes it. Designed for teens, but if he’s an advanced reader he will enjoy it. And find his answers!

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That’s the way that those who oppose Jesus approach Jesus

BEST to go straight to Jesus - as did all those in our Past.
Learn and Obey His GOSPEL . FAITH opens the DOOR

Once you have Him as your Guide - you’ll be able to debunk falsity

Asking respectfully, have you ever educated children?

He has the Gospel and he is developing a relationship with Jesus. I agree that that is essential to growing in faith. However, he’s still a kid and in this situation, he is using his God-given abilities to reason and ask questions. Our faith contains the fullness of the truth and if he sincerely searches his “loopholes”, he will find The Truth. Of this I am certain.
I’m trying to teach him how to do this while he still cares to ask his mother these types of questions!
I’m not sure he’s “opposing Jesus” by asking questions about our faith.


You go, CathMom.

I would encourage you to encourage him to continue to ask questions. This will do a couple things for him. First, it will deepen his faith in the Church. Second, when non-Catholics or non-Christians challenge him on his faith, he will either already have explored the challenge and know the answer or he will be firm enough in his faith to be able to research the challenge without losing his faith.

You might even learn something. I know I did when my wife and I taught our children.:wink:


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Yes… I’ve children and grandchildren …

The best way for anyone to Know Sacred Scriptures is Via Jesus!

Prayerfully (allow God to be one’s Guide) Study. Beginning with Jesus’ Gospel.

’Ignorance of Jesus - is ignorance of Scriptures"


They should be taught about Jesus/God - even from very young ages - via age-applicable means …

What is verboten would be the notion which is recentish and came from non-Christians,
would be to not Teach Children so as to allow them to make decisions when they’re an adult.

Great, thanks!

I remembered a website called Tiny Thomists and I did a search and found them but they are part of another group now. They used to be a free resource but I don’t think so anymore and I’m not sure what a subscription might cost. You can download a couple of free issues to check it out.

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Well the questions are complicated but there are some quick awnsers:
-If Mary chose NOT to be the Mother of God the whole history would have changed, we dont know what God would do if that was the case but He knows everything.
-Yes it is possible not to sin, becuse sin is a choice after all, so by praying and doing penance you can get stronger and stronger and as temptations come you will keep saying “no” to them.
-Good question, He did it so we can love Him sincerely, by being able to say yes or no to His calling, He does not force us into heaven or hell, we chose wich one we will go based on our actions towards Him, bad things happen for a greater good, we not allways know wich good but we trust Him and everytime something bad happens we praise Him for including us in His plan.
-Yes, our choices do matter becuse even though He knows some people are going to chose hell insted of heaven, we have free will and if we go to any of those places is becuse we deserve it, again, He made us free to love Him, if you dont want to there is an option for you as well (hell), the reason why hell is so awful is becuse once you get there you realise that you NEED GOD but you HATE HIM, the true happiness is in God and people in hell know it, now that they dont have a body to entretain themselfs they are left with their misery for all eternity.

Please ask me if you have any problems with the text, i am not a native english speaker but i do understand all i read (but sometimes my grammar say otherwise), if your son have anymore questions feel free to ask them

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