Beginning Discernment

Greetings in Christ!

Lately the Holy Spirit has been working wonders in my interior life, and I want to offer God the thanks and glory He deserves for that. This movement of the Spirit and the energy of preparing for college have led to growth in prayer, maturation in faith, and the desire to serve. I look at Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and I want so much to be a servant after his example!

All this has led me begin discerning my vocation again. I’ve attempted to do so in the past with frustrating results. I believe my efforts were fruitless because my mindset was incorrect. Being thoroughly convinced of my own wickedness, I sought a vocation as a form of penitential sentence. I would forgo all my passions and squander my potential, so that God would finally be pleased with me. Both priesthood and fatherhood seemed to be career-ruining, dream-killing, but God-appeasing punishments.

By the grace of God, I am setting aside that mindset and finding joy, peace, and forgiveness in Christ Jesus. I can see the beauty in marriage and holy orders, and how I can be fully alive and fully devoted to the Lord in both.

In the past, I’ve been wary to listen to others who told me to be a priest because I felt like that was just something that all Catholic young men had to be told at some point. But there have been some calls to which have listened. This week my parish priest told me during Mass that I should be a priest. This has made quite an impression, because his advice to most young men in the parish is to not even consider it until the Magisterium “gives in and lets priests get married.” (No, honestly, that was his homily on Good Shepherd Sunday. :frowning: ) As he is someone who doesn’t just throw around recommendations to the priesthood, I’ve been giving his words a lot of thought.

When I was a Protestant, the elders of my congregation often confided to me that I had “the call to preach” as a minister. It is a conviction they still hold even if they don’t support my conversion.

I’ve also had dreams on the subject in the past month.

All this is in my mind as I begin my next phase in life, and I’m asking for your prayers as I discern to which path of fatherhood God is calling me. In the meantime, also pray that I may be a well-adjusted and happy college student.

If any of you feel a call to speak with me on any of this, feel free to do so by post or PM.

How long have you been Catholic?

Praying for you.

I was baptized in the ‘Church of the Nazarene’ on Sunday, February 7, 2010. I entered RCIA that same summer and was reconciled to the Church on Easter Vigil, April 23, 2011. That gives me roughly a year as a catechumen and three years as a Catholic.

Contact your vocations director. (Y) I’ll keep you in my prayers, my friend. I’m also discerning the priesthood. :slight_smile:

You remember dates, how protestant :wink:

I think you have had sufficient time as a Catholic to talk to your vocation director. If you need help in the process, please let us/me know.

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