Behaviour before beginning Procession

I was reading responses to Scott’s Catholicism Blog.
I was shocked by one person’s response to the behaviour she’s witnessed as they begin the Procession:

… we can go to the “regular” mass or a latin mass, and my husband and I prefer the latter. It is a beautiful hour spent in prayer with the priest and we come away more fulfilled than singing endless popular hymns, which are a far remove from what church sacred music should be. Over the years I have been a lector and eucharistic minister at mass, and have heard people proclaim “it’s showtime!” as we walk to the back of the church to begin the processional.
Catholics are not receiving proper formation for greater conversion the way things stand now.

That made me curious. Has anyone else experience similar behaviour?
(Correct response: Never. That is an anomaly.)

my church sounds like a rock concert before mass with all the whooping and catterwalling.

makes me not want to go to church.

Wow. Last time I was at a catholic mass was about '79? something like that. I think if they had a guitar in the church, it was considered sacrilege;0)…now this was in Philly.

Heck, this church used to have the mass partly in Latin when I was really young, and women were expected to have a covering (scarf, etc) on their head. I think they stopped that about…hum…'70? something like that.

When I went in NJ (Wildwood, pretty much a resort town) I think they had some guitar music, if memory serves. Don’t think anyone saw anything wrong with that, but the group there was def. more laid back…they wore shorts, tees, etc. My foster mother would have had my head if I did that;0)

I really would NOT want to be the recipient of the look someone would get if they said that in front of our Pastor.

I won’t say I’ve never been at a Mass where people weren’t thinking “It’s showtime,” but I’ve never been at a Mass where anyone had the bad taste to say it. At my current parish, I haven’t seen evidence of anyone even thinking it.

I’m very lucky.


What a joke. In the “old days” (read: pre-conciliar), the procession left the sacristy with the words “procedamus in pace” to which the celebrant responded: “in nomine Domini.” I know a few priests who still insist on on it (ok, it’s the EF, but still …)

Mass is your time with God. I choose not to judge the others. For it is there choice not mine. You Pastor can help with the apparent lack of disrespect. A homily tied into, Respect, Reverence. I.e. Summertime and Mini Skirts, Short Shorts. Not with Fr. Bill at the Ambo.
If someone were to say “Show time” in front of him. I would run for fear he would call raining sulphur down on them. But, HE IS AWESOME. He teaches respect reverence during his Homilies and challenges us to be “better Christians” not just Christians.
Good luck and blessings.

A few months ago, while serving as an usher/greeter, I was stationed at the main entrance into the church. The procession was ready to start down the aisle, the gathering hymn had begun, and I overheard the priest say, “OK kids, time to rock and roll.” And off they went.

Although I don’t know this man very well, he impresses me as being a reverent priest. This is just an example of his offbeat personality. Anyone who would take offense to this is, IMHO, just looking for an excuse to be offended.

Comments like that are often just humor being used to settle nerves. No more, no less.

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