Behind Trump’s victory: Divisions by race, gender, education


The first link has the spread for race, gender, and education.

The second link has the spread for the faithful

Trump won the Catholic vote (52-45), making it the first time a Republican won that demographic since 2004.

Interestingly enough, Trump also won white women (53-42).


It’s’ the uneducated white male who put this guy into office- that’s pretty clear.


Hope that’s not a criticism. The uneducated can have a wisdom.

When Obama got the minority of the white vote, but virtually all of the black vote, a similar comment about his voters (African Americans tending, unfortunately, to have less education) would be recognized as not nice.


Trump got a higher percentage of white females.

No need to imply sexism, then.


Of course that was a criticism.


Liberals control a lot of the education system.


Trump also won a higher percentage of African american votes than romney, a higher percentage of Hispanic votes than romney. But these are details that don’t jive with leftist rhetoric.


Minorities certainly had a big role in electing Obama. That’s just demographics.

Regarding the demographic of the uneducated white male- that can be separated out as folks with a college education- and more so with a graduate degree- went for Clinton.


Many of these voters voted for Obama but not Hillary. That makes them racist?

Hillary didn’t get as many black votes as Obama. That doesn’t suddenly mean we need to infer all kinds of bad motives on the part of Trump supporters.


Liberals control much of the education system. My professors didn’t talk too much about it, but it was pretty clear to infer where their sympathies lay. However, my husband had a professor who was a blatant supporter of Castro. (I think it was a history professor, too.)


“That’s just demographic” explains the black vote for Obama exactly as meaningfully–or as meaninglessly–as it explains working class whites voting for Trump.

My colleagues and my degree–we all agree–has no effect on our morality or wisdom. The most senior professors I was ever taught by would be MORE, not less, likely to vote for Hillary if she’d threatened to lock up Catholic bishops who won’t sanction same-sex marriage.
The epithet “uneducated” is just not nice.


Should they be denied the vote? The thing that concerns me about this sneering attitude about uneducated white males is that plenty of uneducated people of other races and genders voted for Hillsry Clinton.

However, the predominant reason for the anger is that the liberal-socialist worldview dating back to the Fabian Society days is that the educated should be an aristocracy. The view is that the educated are virtuous while beknightd uneducated classes lack virtue and ability. It’s one of the reasons for the welfare program and why the political class of liberals are more than happy to keep throwing money at social programs that have failed, why they don’t really care about rotten intercity schools but want to keep paying the intercity teachers more money: they are the gatekeepers.

Don’t kid yourself about racism: there is some overt racism in a SMALL fraction both sides of the political spectrum. There is a much more insidious and harmful racism in the self-styled elite left: Black, white, male, female doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether they are or can be educated. If they cannot then they’re mushrooms: feed them you know what and keep them in the dark. Oh…and encourage abortion and contraception so we can slowly eliminate their type.


This is my favorite point. If you said uneducated Blacks did anything you’d be a racist. But you can talk about uneducated Whites all you want. This is one reason Trump won. Folks are just tired of this.

I also love the derision the left shows for uneducated Whites. The compassionate folks have a real disdain for poor or uneducated Whites.

What you need to know about racism is that if you are White you can never not be racist. You can have Black friends, Black coworkers, you can even elect a Black president. But you’ll never not be racist. I think folks are rightfully getting tired of this.


I’m an educated white male and I voted for him.

This particular point was made very clear to me after this election when an individual I was debating with said that he didn’t care what reasons I had for disliking Obama, if I disliked him it was because I was a racist, period. He would not listen to a single thing I said, and just accused me of being racist because I didn’t like Obama, regardless of the fact that I couldn’t give a flying frick how much melanin the man has in his skin.

What amazes me even further is his complete inability to see that he was being the very thing he was accusing me of being, an intolerant bigot. Their intellects are darkened, all we can do is try to help them see.


I have an associates degree and am a woman. I voted for him. Sorry, but Hilary’s anti religious freedom (especially the Catholic stuff) turned me off…oh and also her support for the butchering of human beings until the 9th month!

But I guess I don’t count…




Your a white,educated, republican-voting individual. That means you’re either a racist, homophobic bigot; or didn’t actually learn anything in college, and are just as stupid as the rest of the dullards who voted for Trump.

This is precisely why Trump won. We’re tired of being talked down to because we don’t agree with the leftist agenda for our nation, and all the hate they spew our direction.


Scenes from the Liberal Meltdown


Maybe being “uneducated” isn’t such a bad thing nowadays.


Well, poll tests for literacy and education have long been illegal. To dismiss or diminish the votes of one demographic is to advocate disenfranchisement.

It’s pretty offensive to hear people advocate that the votes of certain groups of people are more valid than others.

Could it be that the more educated a person is, the more susceptible to narrowcasting he is?


Define uneducated. If you think no college means uneducated, you are wrong. There are plenty of people that are intelligent without having been to college, or having graduated college, so let’s not go there.

And maybe it’s time candidates stopped trying to slice and dice people into categories in an attempt to win their vote and instead rely more on what they **actually stand for. **

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