Behold, holy laughter and drunkenness


Check out this video. This is an example of a Protestant Pentecostal so-called charismatic type movement where you find things like “holy laughter”, “holy drunkenness”, “being slain in the Spirit”, and more rare things like “holy glue”, “holy nudity”, and bestial sounds.

What do you think of this? An outpouring and gift of the Holy Spirit? Mass hysteria brought on by autosuggestion, gullibility, suggestibility, groupthinking emotionalism? Fake acting/hoax? Or demonic activity?

Warning: some may find video disturbing, contains very bizarre and shocking yet entertaining content.


The Toronto Blessing, aka Holy Laughter, is definitely a bad thing and you don’t want to be wherever it is manifesting (usually at charismatic prayer meetings). Although it usually begins as uncontrollable laughter among members of a group, it quickly ushers in other more bizarre behaviors such as orgasmic groaning, mock birthing complete with “coaches”, disrobing (called holy nakedness) and vomiting, to name a few.

Holy Laughter is a phenomenon that first manifested back in the 1850s during the Cain Ridge Revival where it was ultimately declared to be “mass hysteria.” It broke out again in the early 1900s in Pentecostal groups but was eventually cast out as a demonic influence. In the 1980’s, Jimmy Swaggart was in Argentina preaching to 80,000 people in a stadium when another outbreak occurred. The people who were affected by it were taken outside and delivered of unclean spirits after which time the phenomena disappeared.

“Based on the principles of discernment enunciated earlier, it seems exceedingly unlikely that the Toronto Blessing is from God. Those who receive it exhibit both heterodoxy (false teaching) and bizarre behavior incompatible with the Holy Spirit. Some phenomena, such as uncontrollable laughter, could be the result of the human spirit and does not necessarily forebode demonic activity. The reports of bestial grunting and groaning, and rolling around on the floor, however, is worrisome, since the same reactions accompany authentic cases of possession, both in Scripture and in Church experience.

They are not, however, unequivocally extraordinary since they are within our power. Of a more certain extraordinary character is the phenomenon called ‘holy glue.’ (A person becomes extremely heavy and others are unable to move them). This is a recognized mystical phenomenon called ‘extreme immobility’ and is the opposite of levitation. It is clearly beyond us; however, it is within the power of an angel . . . .” (i.e.,
a demon).

It’s is also problematic that the phenomena is being associated with a trans-denominational church.

As Donovan points out: ” . . . (I)f the Toronto Blessing is ordered to the building up of a trans-denominational church authority, as some of its leaders suggest, then it is incompatible with Catholic truth and unity. It already has begun to demonstrate this property by the divisions being created in parishes and the Church at large. Aside from the dangers associated with a false charism, the participation of Catholics in a movement with such a goal would certainly be a grave sin.”

This would not be the first time the faithful have been fooled by counterfeit signs and wonders, nor will it be the last.

My recommendation is to stay away from Holy Laughter, and any group where it might be manifesting.


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It’s just people who want to believe that God has singled out and touched them individually. Something we may all want but in cases like these it’s just pride-based: trying to please God and pastor and appear to be holy.


That’s totally disturbing. If that’s who God is, I’ll be an Atheist.


And all anyone has to do get this is to receive the Blessed Sacrament at Mass. This is how I know God has singled me out and touched me individually.


That was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.


I warned you it was utterly bizarre. Hah!


Truly bizarre. It could be likened to hypnosis. However, any time a person is in a hypnotic trance it’s possible for them to be momentarily possessed. I would never attend these functions.


I’ve seen that kind of worship before. It’s like one of those Benny Hinn shows where you have people falling over and convulsing on the ground. I think it’s possible that that is demonic activity. I believe that God wants us to be sober minded and that includes in the worship we offer. Sober minded, calm worship is far superior to that kind of hysteria.


In general I agree, but I don’t want to completely exclude emotional reaction to the worship process.



Pseudo Pastor: Behold! The spirit of God is upon him!
Congregant to another: Yeah, it gets a little stranger every year…


Hahahha the look on Homers face and the way he’s blinking… ROFL




Totally agree with you


Wow…that was scary. These same people would say that the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima was either mass hypnosis or from Satan. Unbelievable.


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