Behold your Mother- Book

idk where this should be posted… it is a book for one
secondly it was written from a protestant that coverted to catholism and it is about Mary.

I have been wanting to read this book, but I wanted to hear thoughts that others readers about this book.
please share your thoughts and what you liked (or didn’t)


I haven’t read the book, but did look it up on Amazon. Would that be the book you mean?

If so, it was written by Tim Staples who had been Baptist, and later in life became Catholic.

yeah that one :slight_smile:

Well 36 out of 40 people reviewing the book gave it 5 stars.
And were people of different faiths.
I’d be inclined to buy it if I had a friend who struggled with Mary.
Seems like there are always tons of people who don’t “get” our devotion to Mary.

I found the CD very helpful in understanding Catholic teaching on Mary. I would recommend it for those who want to know the scriptural reasons for teachings on Mary.

I bought it shortly after it was published and I have enjoyed it immensely. I would say it is easily the most concise book on Mary via the Bible out there. Staples is easy to read and lays out his points in a sensible, orderly way. I’ve leant out my copy already, and I plan to do so again!

You wouldn’t regret purchasing it, I can tell you that!

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