Being a Catholic and working in law enforcement

I have been a Catholic for 15 years. I also work in a law enforcement capacity. My jobs requires (of course) the use of firearms and training on how to shoot to kill not injure. Any views on that knowing such an act is a sin. Do you feel Catholics should work in the field of Law Enforcement?:confused:

Why do you believe such an act is a sin? Is it murder, the unlawful or unjustified taking of human life?

Maybe your problem is due to the poor translations that say “thou shall not kill” rather than “thou shall not murder”.

Absolutely. “Shoot to kill” is only used when your own life or the life of another person is in danger. You’re only protecting those whom you as a law enforcement officer have a duty to protect, as a father has a responsibility to protect his wife and children.

Your story brought to mind St. John the Baptist. Some of the people who approached him for baptism were soldiers. St. John didn’t tell them to quit thier jobs, but only to repent of their sins. What you do as a police officer is admirable:thumbsup:

Police Officers are trained on when to unholster their weapons and that when they have to shoot to shoot to kill. When a thug has pulled a knife or gun on you, your life is in imminent danger. To try to shoot to wound or disable is like asking the wounded thug to shoot back. The agencies are fairly restrictive on when it is appropriate to draw one’s weapon. Lots of good cops are Catholic or Christians of one stripe or another. It is not a job for a Quaker or a pacifest.You would be a danger to yourself and your fellow Officers. I have a son who was a police officer for 16 years and I would be surprised if he drew his weapon more than twice a year and I do not think he ever fired it except in regular practice sessions. What people see on television and in the movies is a gross exaggeration. :thumbsup:

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