Being a contemplative in the muddy streets of life


“The street does not get in the way of our contemplative life; the hubbub of the world is, for us, a place for prayer.” St. Josemaria Escriva

I think I am understanding now what St Escriva is saying that lay Christians must be “contemplatives in the midst of the world.” Of course having an internal spiritual life is crucial, but also crucial is having the right attitude towards God.

It is to “Let go and let God be God.” What I mean is to realize that God is mysterious, beyond my understanding, and has no obligation whatsoever to let Himself be known to me or answer my prayers the way I want them to be answered. I have to let Him be mysterious if I had any chance of loving Him correctly, since it is required to let our love ones be themselves if we are to love them right.

And since making that resolution to myself I keep on seeing God and hearing Him and experiencing Him. God is not just Mysterious, He is Providence, and because of that nothing ever happens by chance. I see God talking to me all around me, though I cannot understand most of what He is saying, but that’s OK.

It is as if all that expecting of God to talk to me, to demand His presence known to me in my prayers, to want to shoehorn Him into my expectations of what God should be, were just shouts drowning His gentle voice.

And yes I copy-pasted this from another post of mine in another thread. I just wanted to get this off my chest! :blush:

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