Being a Theistic evolutionist?

Is it okay for a catholic to study evolution? I understand that Genesis is just a metaphor, (except where it says that God created everything, I know that is literal). Would I be living in sin by being an evolutionist?

No, as far as I know it is permissible. The only thing you are not allowed to believe is that Adam and Eve were not a literal first pair of humans in Eden.

The short answer is: no.

However, it does seem that you must accept that humanity evolved or began at two first parents.

When a retired Archbishop came to my parish to talk to us about scripture im pretty sure he said they were metaphors too.

Does the CCC say anything about this?

I’ve heard that too, and personally I don’t think Adam and Eve were literal people either but I’m only going by what I’ve read on here before, I just cannot remember the evidence that was provided.

Edit: Benedict XVI apparently seemed to permit the idea of intelligent design if thats helpful

johnnyt3000 asks : "Is it okay for a Catholic to study evolution?"

This sounds like a silly question.

Just about every single child in the United States has studied the Theory of Evolution.
That is, unless that particular child was Home-Schooled.
And, just about every Adult (under 50 years old) has studied about Evolution too.
So, the answer MUST be … YES, it is OK.
If not, then every single Catholic in the USA will be condemned to Hell (or, otherwise punished) JUST for attending Public School.

Knowledge is Power.

Beyond that, it is OK for a Catholic to study about Satanism.
This is especially True if you have a Satanist in your Family, and you wish to see what you are up against.

It is OK for a Catholic to study about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
This can be VERY useful, for those days a JW appears at your door, to run-down being a Catholic.

It is OK for a Catholic to study about Buddhism.
This will help a Catholic to NOT think that Buddhism is somehow better than being a Catholic.

Right on. :thumbsup:

Bl. John Paul II has spoken of this, and pointed out that the idea can be held insofar as it does not contradict Church teaching or dogma.

Useful resources:

Dei Verbum from the Second Vatican Council, on Sacred Scripture:

Humani Generis by Ven. Pope Pius XII, on how far we can go with evolutionary theory:

Absolutely no problem! Having knowledge isn’t a sin, my friend! And evolution proves itself quite easily, and it’s essence doesn’t necessarily contradict Scripture. Just keep in mind of the basics, which are that Adam and Eve did exist and are a pair that, in scientific terms, is considered the common ancestor too all living men. (there’s also some scientific evidence of when that pair might have existed, but I won’t say that it was definetly them… And it’s a bit off of what we believe Adam and Eve were) :thumbsup:

No, but my question to you would be, why do you believe in a theory that has no proof?

Pax Christi!

God created evolution.

God bless.

Evolution is a scientific theory. Not fact, just theory.

If you make it into article of faith, make it a “religion”, you will be living in sin.

Of course not! It is great that you have studied more in depth on this subject. Faith and science CAN work in harmony. You can have both, they are not exclusive to each other, no matter what others will tell you. Also, I really enjoyed this conversation between Fr. George Coyne, who is head of the Vatican Observatory in Arizona ( I am not sure if he still holds that post today) and biologist and well renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. I really enjoyed the video adn the respect between the 2. Here is the video:

Also, the Church has had an ABUNDANT amount of scientists within Her own clergy and laity throughout the past 2000 years. Don’t let the ignorance of others persuade who that science and faith cannot be in harmony. I could provide you a great list of Catholic pioneers among physics, biology, astronomy and other sciences. Continue to learn as much as you can. God gave us knowledge to learn these things. He wants us to learn and grow in knowledge.

I am really surprised! That link is based on 1987 research. This is the 21st century.

By now, Catholics should be aware of where science intersects with Catholic doctrines – especially the doctrines of human origin, Original sin, the Divinity of Jesus Christ, and the reality of the God-created spiritual soul. Divine Revelation trumps!

Therefore, I seriously suggest that one study the link’s section on “Common Misconceptions.”

However, the actual published research (see citation in footnote 3) is famous for overturning the Multiregional theory – if one is interested in paleoanthropology. On the other hand, paleoanthropology may be updated by the recent fossil finds.

Genesis is not a metaphor.

Evolution is a lie.

No. You are required to hold that we all came from a single set of parents, but as for the basic principle that all life evolved from single celled organisms to the complex organisms we see today, that’s okay. I myself believe the theory of evolution to be true, but don’t see it at all to be at odds with my faith.

It is more than an opinion. A theory within science is not some subjective opinion that is just thrown out there. A theory holds great weight and is taken very seriously among scientists. It is studied upon exhaustively. In my opinion and what I have learned, there is not another provable explanation to explain to me the many, many, many variations we see among animal, plant and other species other than the theory of evolution (and more importantly natural adaptation).

I can agree that it is the best scientific explanation that we have, as stated in the video you posted (“I grew up not knowing my name.” :rotfl:). However, that, in itself, does not make it a fact or the truth.

Thus, Darwin conceded that, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

It appears that such complex organisms do exist.

All scientific theories lack proof, because all scientific theories are open to revision or replacement.

Newton’s theory of gravity lacked proof, and when new data was found showing problems with it, scientists replaced it with Einstein’s General Relativity. That in its turn has no proof, and will itself be replaced at some time in the future, probably by a theory of Quantum Gravity.

All scientific theories are provisional and are “the best answer we have so far”. No more than that.

Mathematics has proof, science does not. Since scientists have not yet discovered everything, we can have no final theories. We may yet find a black swan that disproves the “All swans are white” theory.


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