Being attacked for my faith

I just had a huge fight with my parents over me wanting to become Catholic. I was not the one to bring it up, I never like to . I realized how awful they feel about what I believe and it broke my heart. I never wanted to hurt them or make them feel like I don’t respect them. I hear them say over and over again, what I believe is wrong. My mother told me that Roman Catholics think Anglicans are evil, which I know is not true. Should I just keep my mouth shut when my family does attack me? I don’t know how to respectfully help them understand the Catholic faith and how I feel. Please pray for my parents, advice would be appreciated.


Your parents want what is best for you. You and they disagree with what that is. Don’t fight over religion with them. Just don’t engage in those conversations.


How old are you?

Give them (and you) some time to calm down.

When the dust has settled a bit, you can go to them and say something like “I’m so sorry things got heated the other day. I know you’re worried about me and care about me. What would you like to know?”

Or something like that :slightly_smiling_face:


Please know I’ll be praying for your parents and for you.
God bless you and your parents

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Patience. Self-restraint. Do not respond when they are agitated.

Do not fight over religion, in fact, do not mention your conversion until you are a self supporting adult. Learn to be humble and to show your parents love and respect.


My prayers are with you and know that God loves you and your family :slightly_smiling_face:

all of the above and make sure you tell them you are thankful that they are raised you to love Christ.

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