Being Blessed v. Sainthood


What is the theological reason for meriting the status of being “Blessed?” I know it requires a verified miracle and permits one to venerate one so designated. Sainthood requires another verified miracle and is an exercise of papal infallibility since it a matter of faith or morals.

Is being designated “blessed” an infallible guarantee of the soul’s heavenly status? If so, why isn’t it the same as being proclaimed a saint? Why the redundancy? Is “blessed” some sort of provisional status and hence not a matter of infallibility? Why does sainthood require two verified miracles rather than just one? Why not three or more?

Your insights and help would be much appreciated.


Pax Christi!

Apparently, either way the person is in Heaven, so I also wonder what the difference could be. To those in Heaven, my guess is that there is no difference.

In some Catholic art, saints have nicer halos.

I look forward to reading the responses of others.

God bless.


The difference may have an ecumenical function with churches that are close but not fully integrated with Roman Catholic traditions. They may not buy into full papal infallability, but are not indisposed to believing in saints and miracles. This distinction may prove valuable to them as to which holy men and women to accord more honor. Obviously this is pure speculation on my part; it’s probably not the real reason, but at least it seems to logically answer the question.


“Blessed” is not an infallible declaration.


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