Being blocked from logging in

I had an issue with adware on my phone last night. The solution was to clear out my cache in order to get rid if it. This erased my login information. I also installed an ad blocker to prevent this incident from happening again.

I tried to access CAF and came across a pop up window informing me that I couldn’t access the site because I had an ad blocker enabled. It also informed that I could be a patron.

I already am a patron. The site didn’t know it because I haven’t logged in. However I couldn’t log in because the pop up window was preventing me from logging in. I had to continually refresh the page to make the ad blocker go away and then I could sign in. If I don’t sign in fast enough, the pop up window pops up again and prevents me from logging in.

Is there a better workaround for this issue?


I have the same problem on my laptop (using phone at the moment), and therefore the same question.

Hi @Sarcelle.

I use Microsoft Edge. One solution (at least for me) was to open the app and select Settings…then Privacy…and then disable ‘Always use “Strict” tracking when browsing InPrivate’

Just tried it (three times: With Strict tracking disabled - was allowed access to CAF - then enabled -denied access - then disable again) and here I am, but might not be the ideal solution.


I have this problem on my iPhone.

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Ahhh…of course. Too thick to be of help on this. In my day, hi-tech communication was two tin cans held together by a taut string.

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