Being "Born Again" and "Saved" ???

I am really having a hard time understanding these two concepts. I am a cradle Catholic (I say that proudly irishpatrick:)), and have gone to Church regularity most of my life (except for when I was in college, but I have been to confession since then). I have always believed in God and Jesus and all the basic teachings of the Catholic Church (it is of course alwasy a growing process, but I’m here 100% now).

I find myself in conversation with Evangelicals, who know that I am Catholic, that will ask me if I have been “Born Again”. I usually give them a blank stare because I don’t know what they mean! I was born once, baptised (born again???), and have been in a personal relationship with God/Jesus ever since. I have since come to a personal relationship with Mary, but I don’t think that counts in their beliefs;).

Then later in the conversation they will asked if I have been “Saved” to which I reply that I won’t know until Jesus comes again, as I’m sure He will let me know.:thumbsup:

I don’t mean to sound stupid, but I don’t know how to reply to these questions! There of course have been times that I strayed, but I have never rejected God or Jesus, or even questioned the reality that He is in control, and I am his servant (not always the best servant, but heck I’m human!).

Any comments, ideas or thoughts would be appreciated!!

I don’t have an answer to the rest of your post, but there is a tract on this on

Assurance of Salvation?

I am getting ready for along ride home, but let me offer this, as I have heard on CAL and seen on these forums:

“I’m saved (Eph 2:5–8), being saved (1Cor 1:8), and hope I’ll be saved (1Cor 3:12–15). I’m working out my salvation in fear (Phil 2:12), with hopeful confidence in Christ (Rom 5:2).”

download some material here Bible Christian Society A good amount of free mp3’s that’ll help you explain your faith better, and give you tools to discuss it better with your evangelical friends.

I’m Assemblies of God(currently) on the road to Rome(converting to Catholicism). Being “born again” is a reference between the conversation that Jesus and Nicodemus had. Most Prostestant denomination will refer to the act of salvation as being born again. They/we say a prayer, believe that Christ has saved us, at some point later become water baptised, and viola! We have been born again. There are few mentions of “working out our faith” since most places do not preach that works and faith go hand in hand. So, in theory, someone could be saved and never live a Christian life. Of course there are those who preach that salvation is not permanent and one must work out their faith. Being “saved” is another word for being “born again”. You have been both. It is a difference in communication that has resulted in much confusion. Don’t worry, more than likely your friend has been taught you are not a Christian because you are Catholic-the intentions are good but the information given is bad. Sorry about that.

Now I feel really stupid because I didn’t realize it was that simple! I read the track and what was posted, and now can answer with a firm “why of course, I’m a practicing Catholic - don’t you remember” - actually I wouldn’t say that because it could be seen as condecending, but I will respond with a “You Bet - a long time ago!”

Thanks for the info - and so quick! I’m also going to read some more tracks - I’ve alwasy just gone to the forums.

and - 1edyson - thanks for the referral to the web site! I like it so far!! A lot!

Born again = the regenerate work of the Holy Spirit. When we receive a spirit of life in Christ Jesus our Lord, what happens when we are baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Saved = Making Jesus Christ the Lord of our life.

In response to the article posted. Reform Theology teaches that if someone who claims to be a Christian and later rejects God…they were never “saved” in the first place. (1 John 2:19)

1 Peter chapter 1. The elect (all who are saved) are protected by the power of God to keep their faith from fading away and falling away from God. “an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel reborn every time I go to confession! :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: and communion! double :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

here is an especially good newsletter to read over Apologetics for the Masses - Issue #105. Has a great response directly to the question that comes directly from scripture

We are reborn every time we receive absolution for mortal sin. Catholic soteriology (the truth!) can best be summed up by Our Lord’s parable of the Prodigal Son: In baptism we are born again, this time as children in the Household of God - the Church. And as His children we become inheritors of His Kingdom. But like the Prodigal Son, we have all gone astray, and squandered our inheritance. And its only when we turn our hearts back to God in sincere repentance that our inheritance is restored. Then Our Lord throws a banquet for us! The Holy Eucharist. Thank you, Jesus! :bowdown:

If you’re discussing this with Evangelicals then you’ll want to be equipped with Scripture Catholic (there are several related articles, but “Salvation” is a good one to start with). God bless!

Me too! :thumbsup:


I think what people lose sight of is that regeneration involves a fundamental change in one’s being. Having been truly regenerated, a person will certainly continue to believe and repent.

Here is another good post from Catholic.Com that may deal directly with the question(s)! :thumbsup:

Well, when you are born again, you go and come like the wind does…

Everyone rejects what Jesus said, like Nicodemus…

This is my take on being born again. Born again is an experience where we truly come to believe that Jesus is God and that God is love. It is a spiritual experience and the Holy Spirit comes in us and we see Jesus in everyone we meet. As we see Jesus in everyone we meet we feel the Holy Spirit or Jesus working in us. It only works when one is completely submissive to God’s will in one’s life. This is salvation as it is the completion of the human being with union with God which is what God intended for us all.
This salvation is eternal life and it goes forever however we always have free will so if we stop obeying God we step out of eternal life and back to spiritual death. Thus salvation can be lost through our own free will.
Being born again is a spiritual experience and obediance is necessary to see the light of Jesus in everyone. Faith without works is dead.
This life is meant for everyone nomatter what they call themselves or what denomination or religion they are from.
This is God’s gift to us through Jesus. It is our union with God and our life as now we can do things straight to God because we love Him. As Mother Teresa says, we do things to Jesus, we do things for Jesus." What a gift! What an incredible gift!

Here’s a good quick article on being born again at baptism.

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