Being Bulimic

So im bulimic and ive stopped eating other than at night when i purge is it a sin? im just not pretty enough or skinny enough i just dont deserve to eat… lemmie know

i know, there is so much pressure from society about being pretty/skinny or whatever else. but remember, you are not like everybody else. you are a child of god, he made you meticulously and for apurpose. he knew what he was doing. our body is the temple of the holy spirit therefore it is important to take care of it.

if you fast, there are proper ways to do it. and not eating for to look better isn’t really a goodthing.

perhaps you should talk to a priest about it or a counsellor. this can cause sesrious problems later on

A good question for the Apologists. I hope that you are seeking help. Spiritual and medical. Remember “We ask God to help us with that which we could not do ourselves” We do have to do some footwork FOR ourselves though! We have to participate in our own recovery.
Take care, I am glad that you are here!

Best wishes and blessings!

You should go see a medical doctor.

Welcome back…

Talk to me....:thumbsup:

:frowning: Please seek professional help as soon as possible. Bingeing and purging take a terrible toll on the body. People have died from eating disorders.

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