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Our family has been struggling this last year with our current parish and finding an appropriate parish. We live in SE Michigan and you could consider my wife and I as conservative catholics.

Our current parish has a too liberal head priest that even though we like him personally he has view that stray from the Catechism. A month ago at the end of mass he made a personal comment that a woman may head the Catholic church one day. To my wife and I this is against the Catechism which plainly states only men can be in an Apostles position like Bishop or Pope (and Priest). He has also expressed feelings that Purgatory is not something he believes in.

Also at our parish the DRE believes women should be priests and that doctrine needs to change and is quite open about this.

Our parish is close to home and we love all the people that attend and the other priest we particulary like personally and know he is traditional and a bit conservative.

However, we are growing in our devotions to the Church in Jesus and would like to live Matthew 6:11 a bit more rigorously by having mass available to us daily if we choose. We also want a parish that does confession more than one day a week at a set time.

What we have found has been many liberal Catholic churches that treat confession with such laxaty as to not care if you went or not. We have seen and know of Catholics that stopped going to another parish and joined another to attend mass and participate in the Eucharist since their divorce without the Archdiocese approval on the divorce.

The closer my wife and I have grown in Jesus the more we see that it is more difficult to find a parish that has a head priest that adheres to what it is to be Catholic. It seems that SE Michigan has so many parishes that pay more lip service to God then actions and it is frightening because there are so many people that know so little about their own faith as a Catholic and are misguided by so many Protestant churches when it comes to marriage and matters of sex.

We have found a parish we like that is a foreign parish, meaning it has priests that are all from elsewhere. But they are very Catholic. They have Confession before every Mass. They have Mass every day as well as Rosary after Mass if you choose. They have open Adoration. They are just an all around great Catholic church.

Anyhow, the reason for my post to to share my disgust with the way Catholics in my area are so ignorant to what it is to be Catholic and the apparent rebutal of Priests to the Roman Catholic church in SE Michigan. In my humble opinion I am so very worried for the Catholic church in general in SE Michigan.

God Bless and Peace,



Hang in there, Jack. I have the personal opinion that the views held by your ‘liberal’ parish are views held in fear. I think people are afraid to adhere to The Truth because if they do they might not be liked by the rest of the world. I am amazed at the number of Catholics who are afraid of Truth!

My experience has been that a Parish who remains faithful to the teachings of the Holy Mother Church grows in leaps and bounds.
You are in my prayers.


I would say before going somewhere else, it is good to have a discussion with him about what it says in the Bible regarding women priest and purgatory.

I am not sure what step to take, but you might want to ask in others forums what you should do in this case. I am sure you don’t want the priest to have this unbeliefs speeched to all parishioners. :frowning:

Most importantly, pray for him.

Post your concern in this forum:



In the one and a half years I have lived in the Detroit area, I have seen changes for the good in the Archdiocese. For example, the parish I am currently a member of (which is not the closest), I would not have joined a year or so ago. They go a new pastor and 2 new associate pastors and things have changed alot. There are good parishes, you just have to look for them.


Jackson, which is kind of South-middle has a TLM parish.



Fear is another tool of the Devil and I see the wisdom in your words.

Thanks for the prayer and I will pray for you.

God Bless and Peace

I have sent an e-mail to both the DRE and Head Priest in December and have yet to hear anything.

I have posted previously about this, I have the link if you are interested.

My wife and I pray for our entire parish and the Head Priest and DRE. My wife attends the meetings when she can and we both have a good line of communication with the second priest that helps out but the second priest is not the problem.

I know this Parish is misled but I also have a 1st grader starting to learn the Catechism and a kindergartener on her way next year. My wife and I teach the children much at home but do not want a conflict with what we teach and what the DRE is teaching or if not teaching what she or the Head Priest may discuss with in ear shot.

I like your advise and we have taken steps that way but feel it is best for our children if we move on.


We are 99% sure of one and we have been using them for confession and “K for J” with our kids.

It just boggles my mind that with all the many Catholic churches there are so many ‘liberal’ ones.


:smiley: a little too far… Thanks though!


I live in SE Michigan, as well. My parish is not perfect, but it’s definitely moving toward a more orthodox nature. I decided to stay here and fight heterodoxy rather than run to another (imperfect) parish.

Don’t know exactly where you live, but here are some parish suggestions – they’re NOT perfect, but the pastors are more orthodox than your pastor sounds.

St. Stephen in New Boston - Father John Hedges
St. Anastasia in Troy - Father John Ricardo
Christ the King in Ann Arbor - Father Ed Fride

None of these is my parish, but I can testify to the orthodoxy of their pastors – and by the way, all are young men.

The “old guard” in the area are reaching retirement, and the young men who are rising up through the seminary are much more orthodox. Even our diocesan seminary has become more orthodox. I foresee a huge revival of Catholic parishes faithful to the Magisterium in our area, and I intend to be here when it happens, and I intend to do my part to make it happen.

Hang in there! Do note be discouraged. God prevails.


May I add Ss. Cyril & Methodias (which sounds like the parish the OP described) in Sterling Hts -Fr Ben Kosnac:thumbsup: . My home parish.:slight_smile:


I would like to try the Troy one you mention since it is closer than the others.

We will hang in there, God willing.

Thanks for you words.

“Nail on the Head” :thumbsup:

Father Ben is great and we love all the others as well.

My wife was checking with their program yesterday and it looks good.


I had the pleasure of going to adoration for a couple of hours today at St. Stephen in New Boston. This is the first time I have been there. A new friend took me. I was privileged to go into the adoration chapel in the front of the house that Fr. John Hedges lives in. I wanted to go into the Church to just take a look, but it was locked.

I recently placed membership in a new parish, because of (like jack) my parish being to liberal, (don’t care to mention the name of the parish). I hadn’t been in this liberal parish for to long, when I moved into this area it was the closest Church to my home.

I really like my new parish (so far), and after several months of being there, am finally making some new friends, (well at least one friend anyhow).

I have so many friends in my old parish, (St. Joseph’s in Howell, MI) before I moved into this area, and was very active. I kind of feel like a fish out of water right now. St. Joe’s in Howell is a wonderful parish, very active and on fire for God and his work. Fr. Bill Ashbaugh is the pastor there, and is a very Holy man. There is not a person who meets him who doesn’t love him.

And love the priest. I now go to, St. Marys of The Annunciation in Rockwood, MI, the pastor is Fr. James Rafferty. The first time I visited there, I couldn’t help but notice the holiness of this priest. And his masses and homilies are wonderful.

I know this is an old thread, but happened on it as I was looking up search results for Fr. Hedges.

Anyhow, just my two cents. Peace.


Hi, onlylove!

Fr. Jim is my son’s confirmation sponsor (from waaaaaaaaayyyyy back), and my husband is the deacon who subs for Father in teaching RCI Aand Benedictions on Thursday nights. You probably know him.

I love Fr. John Hedges. He’s a solemn proffessed Franciscan Tertiary of the Immaculate, which is our Third Order. He nurtured my husband’s vocation.

How do you like the altar setup there? Some of the parishioners are complaining, and with our new archbishop, I’m hopeful that will become a non-issue.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Oh wow how kwl. I love the way the alter is set up! It brings more focus on Jesus and not Fr.

I do not know really anyone in the Church yet. Just getting my feet wet now. I only have met the one lady. The one who took me to Fr. Hedges house Chapel. I hope to get to know more people soon. But I think I am kind of shy starting off. But once you get to know me, I don’t shut up. LOL



I experience that myself here in California, but more so amongst lay Catholics.

I would write to your Bishop and/or your director of evangelization and catechetics in your Diocese.

These people that you mention are playing pope, and they espouse an individualistic mentality that is a product of the american cultural revolution of the 1960s and 70s.

You mentioned that you found some foreign clergy that are very orthodox, and it is testimony of how our mainstream popular culture has influenced and affected even members of our own Church here in America.

There is an author by the name of David Carlin who has written about this area.


Member of St Mary’s Rockwood here. :slight_smile:



St. Mary’s people - come to 5:15 Mass on Superbowl Sunday! My husband is assisting Fr. Jim at Mass, and my son & I are going, too!!!


If you’re anywhere near Plymouth, they have a Spiritus Sanctus Academy there, which appears to be very orthodox, and they might be able to point you toward a likeminded parish!

I was sad to be traveling in that area and returned to a church that less than a year before had been orthodox. Now they have gotten rid of their crucifix and made several other changes that make it hard to distinguish the Mass from a liturgical protestant service.


Well if i do go to the 5:15 mass maybe you can introduce yourself to me, then I will know two people in the church LOL! The best way to spot me is I have a daughter (17 yrs) with Down syndrome. She has long blond hair and I have long almost black hair.

But today I think we are going to an earlier mass. Be on the look for us though for any time. We most times go either Sat or Sun eve. Would love to meet you.

Went to confession and Mass this past Wed. and had to chuckle, there was a woman there with seven kids, (I think that is what I counted), and she was getting her baby baptized. She was going from one kid to the other on her lap trying to hush each one during mass. It was actually a joy to see such a large family. I am sure she was frustrated, (it appeared at times), but I sure got a kick out of it. The poor woman had broke her leg, so she was in a leg brace.


I just realized you are not a member of St. Marys right? Still would love to meet you. We will be going to 5:15 mass today. So be on the look out. We sit on the side of Mary’s statue toward the front.


Oh, that’s Bridget! She has 11 kids! Great family. :slight_smile:


I’ll be wearing a black mantilla and have a hulking 6 foot 23 year old with me. My first name is Sue. What’s yours?

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