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Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum and I hope that I have chosen the right sub-forum for this topic. For a long time I have been thinking about searching for advice on here and finally decided to do so. The title I chose is probably too generic - I was not sure which one to pick.

For reasons of health, I am not able to go wherever I want - most of the time, I have to manage daily life within the village I live in (it is a rather small village but at least we’ve got supermarkets, doctors etc.). For this reason, I also cannot attend mass because the catholic church is too far away. However, I am trying to do my very best by praying regularly - here, the Youcat prayers book is very helpful - by watching mass on TV on Sundays, by praying the rosary on Fridays, and by reading as much as I can about catholicism (and other confessions).

Nevertheless, especially on Sundays, it is making me sad not to be able to attend Mass, to be separated. I desire to go to church regularly but - at the moment - it is simply not possible.

This leads over to my questions which I hope to find answers to. In my village, there is a Protestant church - I am not agreeing with everything they teach but I was thinking about going there on Sundays, at least until I am able to go to the Catholic church in the next city. I do know that I cannot fulfill my Sunday obligation this way, but I think it would give me at least the chance to listen to the Gospels and to be less separated from the “life of faith”. I still have doubts, though, because I do not want to do anything that is “against” the RCC - however, in times of ecumenism, it should be possible to go there without having a guilty conscience?!

Another question is: Do you have any ideas how I could foster my faith without being able to attend mass (in addition to what I am already doing)?

Thank you for reading my thoughts! I am very much looking forward to reading your contributions. By the way, English is not my native language, so please be indulgent to my mistakes :slight_smile:


You should probably speak to your diocese priest and see if he has any advice. You can watch mass on the computer (I presume you have one from posting here? ) . You do not say which country you are in so I cannot post link to help with watching it. EWTN usually can offer mass at some point in the day online. Many church stream mass, my local church does if you dont find a mass to watch pm me and I will give you my church’s website though I am in UK and timing may be way out for you if you are in US.
I would not advise attending a protestant church myself but I am not an expert. You may also want to speak to a priest about other issues like confession and if you have had it recently then perhaps he can visit and bring you the Eucharist? or Eucharistic ministers can do that. Or if your illness is not mental health and more physical then someone in the parish may be able to pick you up or such things. These things are not my business, I only mention them as in our parish people pick up other people etc. especially the elderly and infirm, it is part of the works of mercy that are essential in our faith. Also certain charities like St Vincent de Paul help with these sorts of things. Might be worth looking into. Definitely speak to the parish office/priest at the Catholic church about this problem. God bless


I agree with the above post. How far is too far? If you speak to the priest/parish office, even if by phone, he may be able to arrange a ride with someone in your village, OR, he may arrange for someone to bring you communion on a regular basis if even once a month. Same for confession. You won’t know what is available unless you contact the parish.


I just want to say reading your post was inspiring thank you. I’m afraid I don’t go to Mass as often as I should (I’m going through troubles) and I literally live across the street.


God bless you. Do not go the Protestant church, because it is different than the Catholic Church. The Churchs do have some different beliefs (Mary, Saints, Interpretation of Scripture.)


Please speak to your priest (you can call the Diocese to find out which parish you belong to). See if that parish has transportation to Mass. Our parish has a van that picks up for Mass. Perhaps someone else from the parish lives in your village and would take you alone.

This is a “speak to your priest” thing.

Continue to pray, maybe begin praying the Liturgy of the Hours (“The Divine Office For Dodos” is a good resource book).


Just call the parish that is too far away for you to get to.

They will either (or both):

  1. Have someone that can pick you up for Mass

  2. Bring Holy Communion to you at your home (maybe a mixture of the parish priest and EMsHC)

From the very beginning the Church has always had ministers bring the Eucharist to the ill.

May the Holy Spirit revive you and bring His healing presence upon you,
Deacon Christopher


Hi tiotis,

God bless you!

Welcome to Catholic Answers Forum. :slight_smile:

Here in the U. S. where I live, we can have someone bring the Eucharist to us in our homes. We can get on the parish’s “Sick Call/Homebound” List. Either the Pastor/Parish Priest or a Minister of Care will bring Communion to someone who is unable to get to church for Mass, usually due to illness.

As the others have mentioned, that is something that you would need to call your Catholic parish about, to see if this is available in your area.

You can also do what is called a “Spiritual Communion,” where you can ask Jesus to come into your heart and soul and receive Him into your heart and soul when you are unable to receive Him in the Eucharist at Mass.

If you are interested, here is a link to some Spiritual Communion prayers at


Should you attend a nearby Protestant church? This is really a question for your pastor. In the past, that would have been discouraged. Today, the Church would rarely forbid this, unless the Protestant group was somehow anti-Catholic.


Hello everyone,

many thanks for your answers - much appreciated! I called the parish this morning - I am living in Europe, by the way - for those who are interested in what they said:

  • There aren’t any helpers that could bring me the Eucharist, so there is no chance for me to receive Communion. Probably this is because I am living in a rather small village.
  • Going to the Protestant church would be okay (for the sake of listening to the Gospels) as long as I do not partake in their interpretation of the Eucharist. I know that their interpretation is symbolic and thus differs a lot - it is a completely different understanding.

@TheLittleLady Thank you - I will have a look at the book and also found a website which offers the Liturgy of the Hours in my mother tongue. Will try to begin praying those as good as I can.

@oldgraymare2 Thank you for the link. Making a Spiritual Communion in prayer seems to be perfectly suiting my situation.


You’re welcome, tiotis. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that I could help, too.

I hope and pray that everything works out for you.

May God bless you in all that you do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since we Protestants have been considered, since Vat. II, the brothers of Catholicism, in some cases possibly more like distant cousins, then I see nothing wrong in attending one of their services. We preach from your bible, after all. :slight_smile:


The “helpers”, priests, deacons, commissioned lay persons, would be coming from the parish. I’d at least talk to the parish.


I think the OP did call the parish.


Ahhh, did not catch that.

A call to the Diocese would be in order. Perhaps they have someone assigned to cover the people living in small villages.


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