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I’m not really sure if this is the right place to put this, but I’m wondering if anyone has any resources about being Catholic and “being green.” I know that Popes have spoken about its importance, but I’d love some more definite resources on how it relates into our lives as Catholics and why we should be conscious of it as we practice our faith. Doesn’t matter if it’s books, websites, essays, guides, speech transcripts… :smiley:


Here’s a start!

USCCB’s Environmental Justice Program: Caring for God’s Creation
The Catholic Climate Covenant
Catholic Conservation Center



basenji, thanks for the links.


I don’t have any resources but I have always taught my family to respect Nature as it is God’s work of art and we are merely stewards who will be called to account for what we have done and what we have failed to do in respect to the planet as well as to each other.

Obviously, in the hierarchy of things, people must come before the planet as we are made to the image and likeness of God and have an immortal soul.


Wonderful, thank you! :slight_smile:

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