Being Catholic spoils everything!


No, really. I find I cannot watch or read the same ‘stuff’ that I used to enjoy.

Can’t read Ann Tyler novels. Not interested in unmarried people rutting like crazed weasels. Ditto for one of my ex-fave Britcoms, As Time Goes By. Most movies today? Forget it. I cringe at what’s considered ‘normal,’ and it only serves to underscore how long we as a culture have been asleep at the wheel.

Can’t even watch a lot of shows on used-to-think-it-was-harmless HGTV or the Food Network. Too many pro-homosexual, pro-shackin’ up shows. :confused:

Can’t listen to rap or hip-hop. (Oh, wait, I hated those already!) :stuck_out_tongue:

What about you—have your sensibilities changed (Tiber Swim Team members or Reverts, that is)?

absolutely. one of the first things i did when i got serious was weed out some of the more twisted and violent movies from my home dvd collection.

in general i’m much more aware as i watch television or movies of how materialistic and shallow most of the programming is ('course you don’t need to be catholic to realize that).

I am always like that.
Well I am a huge fan of general hospital, but I do find myself ignoring it or turning off the TV at times for example, one character had an abortion and they made all the “prolife” characters act like idiots or be mean to her. They also turned one of my favorite characters into a very self degrading person(she was bad before her boyfriend but with him she was a lot better thats when I liked her) after she broke up with her boyfriend she started sleeping with just about every guy on the show.

I like certain books a lot less for example stardust and his dark materials.

I like CSI Miami, but will not dare watch CSI because they seem to be acting like catholics were idiots and all.

I agree with you about the movies. I tend to feel like the Scary Movie movies are gross and did you ever see Date Movie? It’s horrible.

Not a huge sports fan, but I was cleaning the garage yesterday and was listening to the local sports station, since the Bears were playing. After the game, and the Bears’ loss, these was a show on with two guys picking apart the bears playing, or lack thereof. I was amazed at the number of times I cringed listening to them, with the colorful cuss and nearly-cuss words that they were spewing. Especially one of the guys. Every single sentence was a parade of obscenities.

When I was younger, this may not have struck me, but as I grow older, and my faith grows, the way I listen changes.

Imagine you’re a frog in a cool, comfortable pot of water. As the late 1960s turn into the 1970s, you notice the water getting a little warmer but you think to yourself, “I’ts not that bad.” A few more years pass, and it’s gotten a little warmer but you still think it’s not that bad, and besides, all the other frogs in all of the other pots of water aren’t complaining either.

By the 1980s, some really scandalous stuff is on TV and the movies, well, scandalous but not too bad, or so you think. But porn on cable?

By the 1990s, the pot is boiling and if you haven’t jumped out by now it’s because you’ve been engaged in addictive patterned behavior: come home from work, turn on the TV, throw on a tape.

By the 2000s, porn on the internet, DVDs and rap with profanity, violence against women, disrespect against women and violence in general is blasting out of the radio. So-called “talk show” hosts are graphically describing sex and sexual encounters, and comedians are dead, having been replaced by foul mouthed, profanity spewing, endless sex joke telling, and nihilistic idiots/propagandists.

The time to leave the “popular culture” was several decades ago, but it still amazes me that some church groups, including those involved in divorce recovery, advocate going to see a movie where, generally, boy meets girl, they hop into the sack, and declare themselves a couple, and then find out how dysfunctional their so-called partner really is, and marriage is just a throw away thing like changing your socks.

It is time to spread the word about the Slow Poisoning of the Body of Christ where the world allowed us the oportunity to exchange the mind of Christ for a reprobate and very dysfunctional set of entertainment choices. Just put the word Dysfunctional in front of the name of any of the “hit” TV shows currently out there. My current least favorite is Dysfunctional Brothers and Sisters. The mom on this program is Sally Field, who ironically, played The Flying Nun in the 1960s, which helps to illustrate the point.

God bless,

The topic of this thread has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m a revert of many years now (I never left the Church, I just got lazy). Since then, I find myself constantly revolted by TV shows, movies, ads, magazines, billboards, conversations, and on and on.

What is so very sad is that I’m constantly defending the faith even to my own “Catholic” family. They love shows like Friends, and don’t even understand when I point out that the characters on that show hop in and out of each others’ beds regularly.

Every one of my siblings has children who have shacked up – kids who were brought up Catholic. I know my siblings are all just waiting for my teen-aged son to go astray. They seriously think it’s completely acceptable to “give things a try” before marriage.

At a recent family wedding the topic of a nephew and his wife’s inability to conceive came up. According to his mother, they are planning to use a fertility treatment that will likely result in their killing unwanted “extra” fertilized eggs. I said, “If they do that they will be putting themselves in grave mortal sin.” My sisters all looked at me like I had two heads, ignored what I said, and continued talking. One of my sisters, supposedly Catholic, is an avid supporter of abortion.

It’s so frustrating, but we must live the faith, try to set a good example, and pray.

EDITED TO ADD: My siblings used to think I was the life of the party (while I was a lazy Catholic). Now they think I’m a wet blanket!


I know exactly what you mean. Now I sit up in the study and read or watch EWTN on the TV in my bedroom while the family watches Desperate Housewives on the Family Room TV.

I pretend I am not listening to most conversations my friends are enjoying with each other, I act as though I do not get jokes, and most of all I avoid any conversations regarding politics and religion (if alcohol is involved or if I believe the person is not willing to listen).

Catholicism, is a very lonely life indeed.

yes, absolutely. or to put it more accurately, i think i’ve become more true to my own tastes than i used to be. i always thought there was something disturbing about those quentin tarantino-type exploitation action movies but i would ignore it in order to appreciate his pop cultural references, characterization and superior storytelling skills. now i would just turn off a movie like that because it’s vulgar, nihilistic or both.

i also once had a certain fascination for low budget movies from the 1970’s, mostly of foreign origin, that featured over-the-top violence and/or a certain perverse sexuality. now i can see that this obsession with sickness is a kind of nihilism that one ought not to wallow in. it’s not beautiful and it’s not entertaining. one of the first things i did after reverting was weed out my sonny chiba dvd’s from my home video collection, as well as a bunch of italian “gialli” or horror pictures.

i guess what i’ve gained is a new sensitivity to what the underlying message of a cultural aftifact is. whereas before i would consume indiscriminately all kinds of garbage if only it had a pretense to being art, i now can see whether something is worth my time or not. i don’t reject out of hand all secular movies and tv but the program has to have something to offer in order for me to watch it to the end. if a movie or television program is promoting an essentially nihilistic point of view (as so much of our popular culture is) i will turn away from it.

As I’ve only come home in the last 2 months i’m finding I have to let go of a lot of old habits and passtimes. It hasn’t been too hard but i’m not sure if it is the newness of a better life, or sheer grace, Maybe it’s just grace aiding me until I can stand on my own.

I’ve downloaded tons of free, legal catholic mp3’s and listen to them at work. and on CD in my car. Been watching a lot of
EWTN. There is a lot to learn. I hope I can remain teachable. Spend time here instead of reading more news than I need to.

It is fantastic there is so much good information and media out in the world now. It pales in comparison to the mainstream media, but is good . I knew a fair amount of media I ingested was not good, but I had no idea it was so evil and disordered. I am grateful I am finally seeing a shimmerof light after so long in the dark. Thanks Dan

I’ve never been much into pop culture anyway. But certainly, some more subtle things bother me more now than they used to. Partly I think that is just the natural conservatism of getting a bit older and having children–I am sensitive for their sake. Thankfully my immediate family and circle of friends are all just about as sensitive as I am, so no need to worry about them thinking I’m a wet blanket!

Yep, my tastes have changed. The only show I’m truely mourning is General Hospital, though. I just can’t reconcile watching that show, with all the bed hopping, etc. I do miss it, though.:frowning:

Good analogy. But since I’m a combative sort (what? you never noticed?) lately I have been telling media marketers why I’m not buying their products any more, and what I do want in a book, movie or TV show.

There’s a little sadness mixed in. The team of Dame Judi Dench and Geoff Palmer were such fun to watch.

The Bible tells of “the renewing” of our minds. Over the years, too many of us Catholics took our cues from those around us. It’s amazing but someone can lose their sensitivity to sin. Especially when everybody keeps saying “It’s OK.” “What’s the big deal?” “Nobody’s getting hurt.”

I was listening to Catholic radio recently and two priests were on talking about confession. Both told about how guys would ask for forgiveness because they were living with and having sex with their girlfriends. The priests told listeners how much it pained them that they could not give them absolution since they were not willing to stop their sinful behavior.

Yes, some of us will live in households where we are the only ones holding to the faith and living it. Jesus said, “If you love me keep my commandments.” Pray for your family. Trust that with God all things are possible.

And remind yourself, does God want you at the strip club, with harlots, fornicating, watching porn or getting drunk or stoned on dope? And even for those of you who have found it relatively easy to maintain a strong faith and virtuous life, you have found the pearl of great price. So be thankful.

God bless,

Yes, my tastes have definitely changed. Mainly with things other people say. I now really don’t like being around people who use profanity in front of me (DH, bless his heart is one of these people:o ). As far as movies, TV, & books, there are some things I don’t watch anymore but I feel strong in my faith and I have seen things that I know are either anti-Catholic or even anti-Christian and they haven’t waivered me away from my wonderful Catholic faith. Some things I watch for apologetics reasons (Way of the Master) and for discussion with others (some Christian and some not) about the immorality of what is on TV and movies today and how to determine what adults should watch, kids should watch, or anyone should watch.

The only things I do normally watch are CSI:Miami, sometimes CSI, WWE (sorry, been a huge wrestling fan for a LONG time), and EWTN. We have a hugh DirectTV package so I can usually find something on that is watchable, but I mostly watch EWTN.

I do love the show “Ghost Hunters” and other shows about ghosts, but I made sure I knew the Catholic position on ghosts and hauntings before I kept watching them.

I’m a cradle Catholic but feel that my tastes have changed since being more active on Catholic Answers Forums. I was just thinking about it this weekend actually, that I’m so lucky to have “met” so many good faithfilled people on here. Anyhoo, last night I made DH turn off a show that was blatantly offensive to me. I’ve complained before, but this time, I just said it wasn’t welcome in our house and we had to turn it off.

Your not alone. I still watch it, but doubt I will be watching it much longer, the plot has been getting a little boring anyway, and they always have a “who’s the daddy” story line, which is getting a little annoying.

I have a love/hate relationship with television. I love to hate it.

I disagree, it only spoils the bad stuff…Now I don’t waste my time watching junk on TV, now I waste it in other ways.

I love to be Catholic and out in the world. It just takes a bit of guts and a little study but then it starts to become fun. On my off time I make conversations with pastors of non-catholic churches and it is pretty fun sometimes.
Some of them are quite entertaining and are quite nuts. Some are just good guys who think they are doing good and just haven’t discovered the Catholic Church yet, and some are pretty bad people who are kinda disturbing.

Even though some people now are scared to talk, no longer do I have to worry about talking to anybody about controversial subjects as now I have confidence in what I say and I can back it up. Being Catholic frees me from the confusion of thinking like the culture these days.

God Bless

Yes, I reswam the Tiber in 2000 and since then have struggled with what to watch on tv. The only safe thing it seems these days is tuning into EWTN…and movies, well don’t get me started. It’s basically a cesspool out there and the temptation is immense especially for young people. Most stuff on tv is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I just saw ‘Mulan’ on the recommendation of a young friend and just loved it. Great production values, great story, and I didn’t even hate the music.

There’s still some good stuff out there, but maybe 80 percent of what I used to watch and read is no longer part of my life.

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