Being Catholic while in a public school

In my opnion you dont have to go to a Catholic school to be Catholic.For most of my life I was an agnostic with what in short I would describe as a “bratty nihilism”.Before I was in grade 7 I use to go to public schools which had people who practised other religions like Islam.Then in grade 7 I went to a Catholic school and embraced Catholicism more fully.It turns out that when it came to religion I knew almost more or less the same as other the kids even though the other kids knew a stuff like more prayers and how Mass works.I quickly learned more about religion loving it so much and liking to know more.I left the Catholic high school I went to at the of grade 11 for a public school.I’ll assure you it was’nt because I would not like to have taken religion or have anything agianest it.If anything learning about religion helped my personal and spiritual development significantally.It mainly had to do with the teachers and how I found the students.When I went to the public high school even though it was secular I still saw people practise religions and found out about people practising other forms of Christianity.I actually meet another Catholic and I think I know of another person who was still Catholic even though he went to a public high school.Actually the public high school I went to offered a religion class but only for grade 11 but it was taught differently from the one I took in the Catholic high school.Is this okay?Has anyone else tried something like this?Any tips on doing this?.I hope I did’nt offend anyone.

My high school didn’t have a religion class, but we studied world religions in 7th grade (middle school). There were people from many different faiths in my public school. You don’t have to go to a religious school to be a member of that religion.

I’m not sure what your question is, if your question is should you stay in the public school instead of the Catholic school, I don’t see any reason why not.

My experience is that students from Catholic schools are no more likely to believe in God than those from non-religious schools.

I think so much depends on the friends that you have while in school. I knew friends in my Catholic school that hung out with the wrong crowd at the Catholic School and it hurt their faith. On the other hand, I also went to a public school and knew other Catholics and non-Catholics as well and this did nothing to harm my faith. It generally comes down to whether or not the student is surrounding themselves with people in their life that will enhance their Faith or harm it.

I think you’ve gotten good answers so far. People are people, and you find good and not-so-good in both situations.

When I was in 4th grade, I had to ride on a public bus with students getting out of our Catholic high school. I was dismayed (and scared) by their bad language and bad behavior.

When I went to public high school, I found several great Catholic and Christian friends to hang around with and we strengthened our faith together.

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