Being contacted to start an organized for a dying woman


A week ago I was contacted by a dying women who has later asked me to help donate the last of her funds (a few millions but under 10) to the unforunate. She is planning on giving me her social security code to contact the bank. She doesn’t have any children of her own, and she prayed to God for an angel to guide her to someone who could help her fullfill this after she had a dream of hers by the Lord not to hold the funds and to give them to the world. She searched up a name similar to the one who took care of her at an orphanage when her parents abandoned her. I want to do all in my power to help this woman’s legacy live on and fullfill her wishes in God’s name. But I am still a teenager, and is this legal? I don’t know much about Banks, and I hate to question this woman, but I want to make sure I’m not getting into any legal trouble.


This is a scam. Don’t give out any details and stop interacting.

Scams are illegal . Tell your parents and the police


Do you know this woman personally?
Why is she asking a kid? Doesn’t she know even one grown-up?


You should probably speak to your parents and possibly a lawyer about this. There are legal implications, particularly If you’re under the age of majority, and there should be some assessment done to be sure the woman is mentally competent to appoint someone to do this work.

Good for you for recognizing there might be some dangers in this and for reaching out!


It is an online scam. Do not give her any contact at all. Show the messages to a parent or trusted adult.


I’ll amend this too add that if you were contacted by this woman via the internet, then delete the emails and stop contacting her. It’s a scam.


You said she found you by looking for a name similar to the lady who took care of her at an orphanage? You should not be in contact with her,anymore for you are putting yourself in a position that could be dangerous for you. Tell your parents immediately or your priest anyone you feel confident with… Take care and God bless you.


It’s a Nigerian scam ppl, the op showed me the email.
It goes like this…

I am sick and dying, my nurse will send you a pic for proof. Don’t tell anyone. You get 40% Of my many millions, but please build baby homes and cancer hospitals.

Please I will send you a security code so you can open a joint account with me to share my millions

Come in spinner!

It’s a bit tempting to lead the scammer on


Wow, yeah, that’s one of the more obvious ones.

For the OP - what happens in these instances is that the scammer will send you a seemingly legitimate cheque or money order. They’ll ask you to put it in the bank, and then send XXX amount to a third party. The money order will then come back as fraudulent (banks have thirty days to declare something a fake in Canada, expect it’s similar in the US), and you’ll be responsible to pay back the money you’ve already sent.


With all the killings going on all over Nigeria the odds that these are terrorist groups trying to scam Americans, Canadians and others well, the probability is high…thank you for posting that…


It’s a scam. Block the email address and don’t send them any money. Do not send any money or give them bank details.


These Nigerian-style scams have been out there for at least fifteen years. They must be working or the crooks wouldn’t keep trying them.


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