Being disrespectful is it considered grave matter?



I was sort of disrespectful towards a person in my family. Is that considered grave matter? I’ve just went to confession today, and I feel like stopping to commit sins that I need to go to confession for is almost hopeless. I deal with scrouples and maybe OCD as well.

I hope I’m not in need of another confession, but I just don’t know who to ask without it being awkward.

Thanks anyways & God bless.


Depends on the situation, but I would say in general, saying something rude or disrespectful would be venial in nature. Hard to tell without specifics or knowing your motivation though.


This is a good answer, but not the right one for a scrupulous person.


If you are scrupulous you need to talk with your confessor. Posting here only feeds your uncertainty.

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It was my grandmother who didn’t want me to mention something in front of my grandfather and I did so because my dad was there asking questions and she didn’t want to answer. Also I though that he should know. Tho it didn’t lead to any discussions or arguments.


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