Being forced to read anti-Christian material in school


We all should always be careful about these things. And also…be really aware of groups that start up in your parishes that push socialism or bash the Pope, Vatican or Catholic Faith…and go to these groups…take all of your friends and take notes and pass them on to those in charge. Most especially…peace and social justice groups…go as much as you can…and take notes. They are anything but peaceful in spirit. And when they bash America or Catholicism…they are doing the same “group think” bashing that Hitler did with the Germans regarding the Jews. Pray for them and get away from it.


But what is the problem with it ?

Is it obscene ? Blasphemous ? In bad taste ? All of these ? Something else ?

It’s not clear whether the book is really bad - or seems worse than it is.

When you say it criticises Christianity, is the criticism put in the mouth of the characters, or is it the author’s own outlook ? Authors constantly put into the mouthsof their characters beliefs they do not themselves hold; they could hardly write novels otherwise.

Besides, what is wrong with criticising Christianity ? There is a lot in it that is worthy of criticism; & even if there were not, hearing criticisms of it is part of life, unless one lives a very very sheltered life.


When you find yourself in ANY type of group setting…where the leader of the group bashes, judges and points out the sins of any race, country or religion…you are around another Hitler. That is what he did…and it is hateful. We will pray for you and get through the class…but document everything hateful that is said about any race, country or religion or individual…that is not what you paid tuition money for at all. God bless you!


*Good choice! I agree with JR to the extent that we need to know what others are saying, in order to defend our faith. But, you don’t need to pay for a class to do that…lol I took a Humanities class in freshman year, and the teacher bashed Catholicism left and right. At the time, I wasn’t as devout as I am now, BUT…I still loved my faith, and wasn’t going to sit through 3 hours of his drivel, and PAY for it on top of it. Dropped the course after two weeks.

So…good for you! :)*


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