Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Probably because they married women so it was able to pass down better.


They have lots of children?


I’m not a geneticist. But on this issue, I’m just taking the word of Edward O. Wilson, a professor emeritus in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. He brings up the issue of homosexuality in his book On Human Nature, 2nd edition (Harvard University Press, 2004) and says that homosexuality may be “a distinctive beneficent behavior that evolved as an important element of early human social organization”. You’ll have to read his book for his full argument. But he’s the one that says that the genes of homosexual people would be passed down through their siblings.


He’s not discrediting victims. He’s discrediting the notion that gay people become gay because they were sexuality abused or because they were “recruited” by other gay people.


I am very skeptical.

Is there any evidence for that, beyond that it is a politically correct statement?


When did you chose you be straight?


Being gay has nothing to do with being abused. I am a lesbian but haven’t been abused? I will always believe I was born this way. if it’s a choice then I’m guessing all heterosexuals choose to be straight? So as someone else mentioned… if your straight then stop and try and be gay and like the same sex… you simply can’t can you? Why? Because it’s not a choice. We don’t wake up and say oh let’s like same sex people today just like straight people don’t wake up and say oh let’s like opposite sex People today.


People are born straight. God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve.
Christ makes it clear that marriage is between a man and a woman. Church doctrine (with the full authority of Christ behind it) clearly states that homosexuality is disordered.

By the way I did not say people become gay because it’s a choice. I said they become gay as a result of upbringing, environment, and choice (one or more of these things).

Gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else except the right to marry. There is no such thing as a marriage between same sexes and a civil authority making it legal is irrelevant. Making something legal does not make it moral.


I have personality disorder, are you saying that disorder is by choice too?


The science behind what is and is not considered to be a “personality disorder” is disputed. Much like medical or psychological opinions in regards to homosexuality, transexuality and other such issues.

This really isn’t hard science where there is agreement as to facts.


This is quite a simplistic statement to make. It’s most likely an interaction of biological and environmental factors

Yeah, there’s very little information about the causes of a lot of personality disorders atm, there’s small pieces of evidence that support both nature/nurture theories.


Also, being born a particular way doesn’t necessarily contradict the view that it’s disordered or rather, against the original design.


At the same time you can’t exactly say that you can become gay due to your environment for example the people you are around. I have plenty of straight friends so if that was the case why am I not straight. Same goes for them if environment and the people you surround yourself with is what can contribute to being gay then why is my straight friend not gay? She can be with a group of 7/8 of us whom are gay and she’s straight and has had a bf for 5 years so I don’t agree with that at all. Also my brother and sister are straight I am gay so if it was a case of upbringing etc we would all be gay or I would be straight.


Like I said in a previous post the best person to ask is a SSA person as they would know if it is their choice or not.


You act like the abuse has no factor into it.


I don’t think that people have SSA because they were sexually abused. Most gay men I know weren’t sexually abused. I’m gay and I wasn’t sexually abused in any way.


You might not have been but some were. Does a great disgrace to them saying it had no factor into it.


The state making civil marriage legal for same-sex couples certainly isn’t irrelevant to them because of the many legal protections and rights attached to marriage.


Some countries have civil partnerships, though I think they allow marriage between same sex couples too. Britain recently started allowing it for opposite sex. Oh, here it is:


You need to learn about ADHD. What if I told you no one has every died of having too much testosterone?

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