Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Abuse has not factor in it. You only need to find one example of a gay person that has never been abused. I personally know of several.


It’s not a one size fit all. Just because it had no factor in yours doesn’t mean it had no factor in theirs.


It’s not about that. If I pointed out a person that was abused in Ireland as a child, and then that person shows an affinity to redheads, you are saying it would be because of the abuse?


Things in our past effect how we interact in the present.


A Priest during the Mass this morning on EWTN was doing his homily on exactly this. He said (paraphrasing) we MUST love everyone. SSA is not a sin but the sexual actions between SSA person is a sin. I was walking through the room so I didn’t hear it all.


No one’s disputing that some homosexuals were sexually abused just like some heterosexuals were sexually abused. But people wouldn’t usually claim, for example, that a heterosexual woman who was sexually abused by a man as a child became heterosexual because of that abuse.


Completely untrue and refuted dozens of times.

Are you a Creationist? Genesis is an allegorical myth. You’re basing your treatment of other people on that?

Are you OK with secular same sex marriage? Why do you want to infringe on someone else’s rights when your only reason for doing so is your personal religion and morality. Why should we all adhere to your morality. Most of us think your wrong.
Keep Catholic marriage as man/woman if you want. But why is the Church sticking it’s nose in secular marriage? Go away, it’s none of your business.


Okay maybe in some people’s eyes same sex marriage isn’t moral but I don’t see an issue with same sex marriage. It may not be moral but what about the rights of homosexuals we deserve the right to be happy just as much as heterosexuals. If we can marry and be happy, have children wether it’s through surrogacy or any other sort then should that not be what matters. Yes I understand it’s not what god wants for us or sees right for us but what about our lives what about what we feel is right for us. We have gay pride marches every year all over the globe just to be accepted and to fight for what we believe in and to be accepted and have the same rights and privileges as heterosexuals. It’s the 21st century things need to change… for the better!


Creating human beings out of the womb is selfish and immoral. Not to mention how many die in the process of in vitro fertilization.


So giving a child the chance to live and embrace the world is selfish? Regardless of how they are brought into the world? … just …wow!


What things need to change?


Denial of the recognition of human rights for any group of individuals is a denial of their humanity, which has a profound impact on health. For LGBT people, it may result in discrimination in housing and jobs (affecting the ability to purchase food, shelter, and health care); lack of benefits (affecting the ability to pay for health care and financial security); harassment and stress (affecting mental health) to say the least. Some companies won’t employ certain people because they are transgender or gay or lesbian


I agree. Just wanted a clarification :slightly_smiling_face:



When people “play God” for one baby that someone desires many other children are sacrificed. There is never just one life created for IVF. They use the ones they need and the others are often destroyed. Those destroyed are just as alive and just as much human beings as the embryo implanted that grows and is born. Very very sad. Life is life no matter how small.


Does it interfere with having children or something like that?


Show me one legitimate refutation. You seem to think that a genetic cause for SSA [‘gay’ and ‘straight’ are your terms, not mine…] legitimizes everything because “We were born this way!”
Genes have been located that are responsible for many things, but SSA is not one of them. The overwhelming evidence is that it’s ‘nurture’ rather than ‘nature’.


Most conditions are not caused by a single gene but are influenced by a number of different genes that interact with someone’s environment. But considering how complex the brain is, it’s no surprise that the exact mechanism for a particular condition is not well understood. That’s why the cause of most psychiatric conditions such as depression or schizophrenia or bipolar disorder or OCD is also not well understood. It’s unlikely, however, that their cause is completely environmental.


ADHD can interfere with having children. As one article on ADHD pointed out:

Sex is no different from other activities that present a challenge for someone with ADHD. They can have trouble concentrating during sex, lose interest in what they’re doing, or become distracted.

Also, ADHD often causes serious relationship problems for people who have it. This often makes it more difficult for people with ADHD to find partners or spouses and when they do, they tend to have higher divorce rates.

The medications used to treat ADHD can also cause sexual dysfunction.


The approach of human rights for LGBT Catholics is fundamentally bungled. You certainly have the human right to dwell in a lifestyle of fornication. You certainly have the human right to have free, unlimited sex out of marriage. You certainly have the human right to live with unrepented sins and fake the Holy Sacrament of Penance.

However, Jesus did not talk about human rights at His time, but about entering the Kingdom. He told the adulterous woman “go and sin no more”. This is that simple! Go on with your life but abandon sin! Do not dwell in a lifestyle of fornication! Do not have sex out of Holy Matrimony! Repent your sin, the Kingdom is at hand. Receive absolution for your sin with a contrite heart and a firm resolution to never sin again. This is the message in a nutshell.

There is no such thing as an LGBT person without LGBT lifestyle. Those who say they are gay but don’t follow gay sex, deceive themselves and everybody else. The only evidence of you being LGBT is that you habitually dwell in it! Therefore you can’t repent your sin, because you identified yourself with it. This is the trap. You will continue living in fornication, adultery and unrepented sin. Which is your human right. But it is no way to enter the Kingdom.

That is why the church tells you do not fornicate, don’t be adulterous, don’t dwell in LGBT lifestyle, do repent your sin, but do not fake confession. My friend, a contrite heart won’t come from outside by legislation or human right. A contrite heart that feels deeply sorry for her/his sins is only coming from inside, from knowing Christ.

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