Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Who is the “you” in your post? Unless I’m mistaken, the person you are replying to is a straight woman.


Today a deacon gave a homily about domestic abuse. And one of the things he mentioned, especially in light of today’s Gospel reading, was that yes, marriage is insoluble and there are consequences for leaving one’s spouse to take another. But there is no marriage to break if there was not one in the first place. That people need the right spiritual and mental state to be able to enter into the sacrament. That’s what annulments are. They determine if there was never a marriage in the first place. That it’s a common misconception that the Catholic Church requires people to stay in an abusive relationship. That no one should have to stay in an abusive relationship.

Overall, it was a rather powerful homily. And I guess I’ll probably be thinking about it for a while.


I’m not sure what an “LGBT lifestyle” is. Some gay men I know like to go to the theater and the opera and like Classical music. One gay friend was in the military and likes square dancing. Some of them teach school, a couple of them were lawyers. My favorite activity is to go to Starbucks and read for a couple of hours with a cup of hot chocolate.


I assume they’re referring to being sexually active with the same sex.


So who someone has sex with constitutes a “lifestyle”? Is there such a thing as a “straight lifestyle” or “heterosexual lifestyle”?

And bisexual people are also attracted to people of the opposite sex whereas being transgender only has to do with gender identity, not with sexual activity. LGB have to do with sexual orientation, not sexual activity.


You only play with words and reason. It is an evidence to me that you are a player and no more. You certainly have the human right to be one. But would it lead you to the Kingdom?


Well all are called to chastity regardless of what sex they find attractive


It seems to me that a phrase like “LGBT lifestyle” is a good example of playing with words since it really has no meaning. Most of those who use it can’t really articulate with any precision what people in this supposed “lifestyle” do aside from saying something about the sex of the person they go to bed with. But that doesn’t seem like enough to be called a “lifestyle”. I think that this phrase is mostly an attempt by people who don’t know anything about LGBT folk to reduce them to a vague stereotype.


Known since 1991:


It isn’t a sin to have predispositions to homosexuality as God allows. That said: It is a sin against the 6th Commandment if one acts on the inclination. We are ALL tempted, no matter what our weakness. However, the temptation is an opportunity for grace if we resist. However, if we give in to the temptation for any reason, then our sins stain our baptismal garments and we must repent if we are to be with God as His children.

We don’t need physical gratification or carnal pleasure. But, it is tempting nonetheless. What we do need is God above ALL things. So, we must choose: The flesh or God, but we cannot have two masters.


Though shall not kill? please explain.


“Thou shalt not kill” is the Catholic 5th Commandment, protestants say its the 6th.


Thou shall not commit adultery is the 6th commandment in the Catholic numbering.


I referred to gay sex or any positional Kama Sutra exercise among gay persons. Practicing an LGBT lifestyle is to have gay sex and have it frequently. Apart from sex there is no such thing as LGBT identity, so apart from sex the concept of LGBT does not make any sense.

What is at issue here is not your human right to follow an LGBT lifestyle. But being part of it, how would you be able to repent with a contrite heart? This puzzles me a lot! What is at issue for a Catholic is how would your lifestyle lead you to the Kingdom?


The T in LGBT stands for Transgender and doesn’t have anything to do with having sex. It has to do with gender identity. L, G, and B have to do with attraction, not activity.

And in reply to the rest of your post, I’m Lutheran (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) and the church I attend doesn’t have a problem with gay sex. The ELCA even allows its pastors to perform same-sex marriages. I’m curious about Catholicism and respect the right of Catholics to their beliefs even if I don’t always agree with or understand all of them.


Traditionally speaking, there is or was a homosexual lifestyle- although lesbians really don’t have that much to do with it at all. Although nowadays, we have like “online” ways for people to meet- back when I was a young man in the 1970’s we didn’t.

The homosexual or gay lifestyle was about gay bars and bookstores, theaters, nightclubs and bath houses. The homosexuals would come for the evening, cruising the area- looking to meet people of a similar bent.

They had all kind of codes to recognize each other, and were pretty much involved in it.


Thank you for letting me know. Then we have no business with each other. I respect you and your religion, but it is a Catholic forum. Bye.


It might be a Catholic forum but it’s not only for Catholics.


I know a guy who was in Catholic Seminary and now he’s an Episcopalian priest and engaged to some guy.


This is known in philosophical debates as “The Problem of Evil”.

Here are some good articles as food for thought

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