Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Sorry but I am not catholic either and I didn’t see on the page anywhere that says Catholics only? Or have I missed that? Half of my family are Catholics but I am not. Doesn’t mean we can’t be part of this forum.


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Two gene variants have been found to be more common in gay men.

“more common” means that these genes are also found in heterosexual males. Did you read the article? Did you skip over the part where the author mentions that environment is an important factor?
Try again.


Environment is often an important factor. If someone gets cancer, environment is probably an important factor, but that doesn’t mean that there is no genetic component. Someone might have genes that predispose them to cancer. But some people with those genes might not get cancer even though they are more susceptible to cancer than most people. In the case of homosexuality, people might have genes that predispose them in that direction. Regardless, sexual orientation is not a choice.


I never said it was…
However, in many cases, it is ‘learned’ behavior.


So, explain to me how sexual orientation can be a learned behavior. I’m gay and when I first became aware that I was sexually attracted to other boys when I was about 12, that attraction was not something I learned from anyone. I didn’t know any other gay people at that time, and had no access to information about homosexuality. This was before the Internet and there weren’t any books that a 12 year old could easily find about homosexuality.


I don’t understand why you would ask Catholics if you aren’t one.


Why does CAF have a Non-Catholic Religions forum where members often talk to Lutherans and Mormons and Muslims? Why would Catholics be interested in learning anything about those religions? Maybe it’s because it is helpful to try and understand other people with different beliefs because it helps you to understand your own better. If nothing else, it can give Catholics some practice in explaining and defending their own beliefs. CAF used to have something on their home page which said exactly that, something about “to explain and defend the faith”.


I’m just curious about the OP’s reasons, not CAF’s.


I’m not a psychologist, my friend…I know that those who are raised by same-sex adoptive parents are fifteen times more likely than those in the general population to have SSA…definitely a learned behavior.
SSA is frowned upon in the black community…my friend’s oldest son became a bodybuilder/weightlifter at a very young age…I watched him grow up…I was told that he liked his body so much that it formed his image for sexual desire…he could have had any girl he wanted, but he didn’t want them…did he learn this behavior? a sense, yes…
Learning is much too complex for me to explain, but it certainly isn’t strictly intentional learning…it’s experiential.


Please site your unbiased source for this statistic. My understanding is the complete opposite, that there is no statistical proof at all of what you are saying.

Thank you.


We’ve been through this before…

See Case-Western Reserve University School of Law, Faculty Publications.
No Difference?:An Analysis of Same-Sex Parenting.


One article from 2011? It states the data sample participants were small and not selected using any scientific means.

The reality is that two gay parents raising children is still a relatively new concept. While it has always been done on some level, it is only in recent years that it has been done on a larger scale. Sample sizes aren’t available,yet, that are diverse enough and large enough so meaningful data can be collected and studied to come to conclusion on this topic. That is why I asked for your source.

It would really be helpful in these threads if we all preceed our opinions with “I think” or “I believe” instead of making statements about morality that are pure opinion.


I cited this as one example. You didn’t check the footnotes, or you would have seen results from four separate studies dating from 2001 to 2010 that confirm what I said.
The data I stated came from a newspaper article I’m referencing from memory, but this paper backs up what was stated.



I read them in their entirety. I still stand by my remarks.

A lot of people here site statistics to support their moral stance. Not saying you were doing that. I wish, though, when it was done that the individual doing so would be clear that they are stating their opinion or belief. Most statistics sited aren’t based in studies conducted using scientific means.


However, most gay people were raised by straight parents. These people did not learn to be gay from their parents.


And obviously, the parents are the only people who had any influence in their lives…


Half of my family are Catholics. I came here to learn from others and understand which from what I know is perfectly fine. I have asked my family questions on certain things but it’s nice to have a wider range of people to also learn things from and answer questions that they would possibly know the answers to :slight_smile:


Idk how many times I’ve said this on the thread, I don’t think there is one single factor that contributes to someone having SSA. Someone could have been sexually abused, could have had bad relations with father or same sex peers, could have been raised by a same sex couple, etc. There could be a genetic element to it as well but I tend to say it’s more nurture than anything else.

Some say it doesn’t matter what the cause is, but I feel like there’s a reason I feel this way and I want to be healed and to have it resolved. Though I’ve kind of accepted I’m going to have to deal with this throughout my entire life even if I get married.


By the Grace of God you can live as a CHASTE CATHOLIC no matter what. Just ask Him daily for His help.


No, but you said that when gay parents adopt a child, that child is fifteen times more likely to become gay than the general population. Do you mean the general population of adoptive parents who are not gay? If you mean just parents, isn’t it the case that most parents of gay children are themselves straight, not gay? Further, by your own admission, children are influenced by more than just their parents.

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