Being gay, lesbian, transgender


God knows the crosses we carry are different, some are even lighter, others are taller, some are heavier in the front, others are heavier in the back. God is not blind to this. Neither is he blind to the knowledge we have or the level of consent we give. This is all taken into account in whether we’ve turned our backs on him or not. It’s not just a checklist. This isn’t an excuse to be passive to sin, but God doesn’t throw these things out the window.


I think @LateCatholic is under the impression that the Catholic Church will one day give in to societal pressures to accept homosexuality. Am I right, LateCatholic?

If I am correct, I think it worthy to point out that the Catholic Church has been battling against societal pressures for 2,000 years. It is not likely that the Catholic Church will give in any time soon.


That is where we move from paraphrasing Scripture to the world of bumper sticker slogans.

Some people are given more than they can bear. It happens every day that someone has a physical or mental breakdown. God never made such a promise.

What He did promise is that our fellow Christians will help us through the hard times, that we are supposed to bear one another’s burdens, that if we have our interior life in the proper order that we can have peace in the midst of suffering.


Or maybe he means that even though the church does not agree with homosexuality it doesn’t mean it’s going to go away or be something that the world is going to get rid of. If we go to hell for sins why do we have psychics who can speak to the dead or relatives and these relatives say it is beautiful where they are and that they are okay? Even ones who have sinned and don’t follow god?


Those psychics are:

  1. Not actually using psychic “powers” and are just lying.
  2. At worst, are actually speaking to a demon.


BY HIS GRACE we can deal with anything. He never said life was easy but He did say He would be with us every step of the way.


So how are they able to tell you things that only you would know that are personal?


That is quite possible as well.

I believe that most, if not all “psychics” are frauds. If they do truly believe they are talking to spirits, they must be talking to demons who parade themselves as human souls. It’s at least a possibility.


Say I tell you, for instance, “I see a conflict (or struggle) between you and someone you care for.” It’s pretty vague, but likely to be the case for many people. It makes it easier if the other person says a name, but a skilled liar can dig something up, especially if the person seeking psychic services is there for that reason. It’ll be easier to ply it out of them. Is there a ring dent on their wedding finger? Sounds like problems in the love life. They can say, “I see one to whom you were bound to in love”. That statement can be a catch-all for deceased spouses and divorced ones as well.

As for demons, they’re hyper-intelligent and perceptive. They just have to monitor your behavior to know your quirks.


Supersam, Jesus does say “When you fed the hungry, clothed the naked… You did it for me”. That’s how much he loves us, that when we help someone, he says you did it for me. When we die, we will come before the judgement seat of God and that is very sobering. For today though, your story is still being told! I would like you to pray every day, especially before you start your day, to say “Jesus, today I am going to love YOU when I help people today. Help me to be pleasing to you, and help me and guide me every day”. Start that conversation today! Believe me, when you say that, Jesus will smile!


We would never want for those readers who may have had a physical or mental breakdown, those faithful Catholics who cannot deal with something, to think that they just did not have enough faith or grace.

We are human. We do not ascribe to the health and wealth prosperity gospel. We know that suffering is part of our Christian walk.


NONE of us ever can have enough faith or grace by ourselves. We need God and without Him nothing is possible. We also know that Jesus said to take up our cross and follow Him.


Well, what you are saying is here entirely different thing from what you originally said you see. You had said that being gay or transgender is a choice and the example you gave was of a woman who made a choice as to her actions, not a choice with regard to what her sexual proclivities were. As to the people you work with, that is not a broad sample. For instance, I do not have much time for a social life because of my work but I do know a lot of people in that I have had well over a thousand employees over time. Within that sampling, I have only known about ten to be gay and one to be transgender, but that is just my small world and it may be due to other factors such as the type of work they do and the sorts of people who gravitate toward computer science and electrical engineering, I simply don’t know. But I have read up on the matter, and qualified experts have demonstrably shown through peer reviewed and published studies that it is not a choice. And while I have great respect for direct experience, in matters such as this it doesn’t offer an alternative for the broader work of professionals. The problem is that some churches are struggling with the matter by trying to shoehorn the whole corpus of the modern intellect on many issues to fit the ancient imaginations of their founders, and they are finding it an untenable task. While they have found very elegant ways to sidestep the dichotomies with very well thought apologetics, the result is that we end up with threads such as this. Because in creating enough wiggle room to rectify their prior teachings with the modern world, they by necessity also create enough wiggle room for misunderstanding among the rank and file, coupled with a profound denial of the human condition, whereas it just isn’t realistic to tell people not to have sex, which is the crux of the matter. It seems rather curious that certain institutions that have failed so greatly in matters of sexual misbehavior and criminal abuse would consider themselves in any way qualified to instruct anyone on such matters. It leads me very honestly to wonder if sexual repression, control and guilt mongering has in fact led to anything more than few millennia of unnecessary suffering heaped upon the suffering we already endure. These are honest and direct concerns that I have and they are on the minds of many people of all faiths.

All the best!


Catholic adoption agencies closed because the State was trying to force them to go against their beliefs.


Hey, the Church has never said that homosexual attarctions are genetic!


Would the Church’s teachings change if it was proven that homosexuality is genetic?


Of course not!

The ends and meanings of sexuality are a matter of thruth.


I think it is a choice based on previous events. I think if you experience certain things in your life. This ultimately leads to a lifestyle sin. In which either the sinner embraces the sin or feels there is no way to escape the sin. There are also a small minority of men and women who escape the sin. Anyways I agree its a choice that becomes a addiction.


The Catholic Church won’t change it’s teachings that ANY sexual relations outside of marriage (one man, one woman) is a sin. The Church has been around for over 2000 years and She has been around because She is TRUE.

“We want a church that will change the world NOT change with the world!”


Because God supposedly doesn’t cause bad things to happen. He couldn’t intentionally cause someone to have autism, for example, but he could have let it happen passively. Like allowing genetics to do its thing.

That verse seems as if he was talking about souls rather than bodies.

If he intentionally gave us these things, where is the line drawn? What about fetal abnormalities, those children that die of cancer/other crap? People who are born disabled etc. He can’t be all good if he intentionally gives these people disabilities.

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