Being gay, lesbian, transgender


No, because marriage is more or less defined by their ability to have sex. Impotent straight people can’t marry because it’s physically impossible to have sex and hence they can’t be open to life, according to what I’m seeing here.


No, because that’s not the issue.


He didn’t say that.


Not everything that they did is okay.


It would admit that it was caused by genetics and nothing else.


We all have our crosses to bear in life - we all have our “handicaps” per se to overcome. I was born into a family that had a lot of anger & abuse issues. I, therefore, must be vigilant & fight against this constantly - along with depression, anxiety, & whatever else that abusive environment did in my life. To allow it to reign in my life would be sin.


Since most gay men first start to realize that they’re gay when they’re about 11 or 12, what choices did they make when they were children that made them gay?


Not true. Most gay men and women I have spoken to chose during early adulthood with a couple choosing when they are 14 or 15.


It is a choice and I stand by that, my example was of not gay people choosing to be together which causes life problems as was said that homosexuality must be okay or people wouldn’t choose to risk their lives for it.


If you are a Christian of any kind it appears many times in the Bible that it is a grave sin and never as justified.

I choose whether to commit adultery or not.


How old are most people when they know they like someone of the opposite sex? I was about 5 or 6 when I realized I liked boys. Children with homosexual leanings know, often times from that very young age as well, what they like. I don’t know of any homosexual who “chose” to be gay at 14 or 15. And I know a lot of homosexuals.

Now if what you are claiming is that many homosexuals are young adults before they choose to engage in a homosexual relationship, then you are correct… No different than many heterosexual young people. While I was 5 or 6 when I had a crush on a little boy in my first grade class, I certainly didn’t have an intimate relationship with him.

Being homosexual is not the same thing as engaging in a homosexual relationship. It is important to make that distinction when discussing this issue.


People are not born gay. There is no gay gene. People become gay through one or more of upbringing, environment and choice.


Scientificallly speaking, the surface of human genetic understanding and discovery has barely been scratched. I hope you realize that.


As of now there is zero evidence that anyone is born gay but for the sake of argument let’s say they can be. It is then up to the individual to make the choice of living as God wants them to live or rejecting God’s love and turning to sin by engaging in homosexuality.


Why do some try commit suicide because of what they are, if it was a choice they could do something about it!!!

Let’s hear from someone who has SSA and see what they think.


Dear SuperSam,
The feelings are real. The energy behind the feeling is multifactoral! It is! You and I are to love God, w our whole mind, our whole strength and to love our neighbors, as we are to love ourselves.
God loves us all! We are on a journey back home to heaven. Heterosexual or homosexual, this earth is temporary. Now, our train takes us through some rusty tracks, depending how we think, that train can get derailed. We don’t want to get off that train. There are LIONS AND TIGERS SND BEARS THERE! OH MY! (Wizard of Oz)
There is sin, off the tracks. What is sin? It is choices that pull us from God & His will for us. Temptation pulls us to do that, which we should not. Overeating, drunkenness, Hate, Grudges, Sex, outside of marriage. Sex, used in manners, for which it was not created. S&M. Same sex attractions. Anal sex! Forgive me here, that space has a dirty job, why would anyone want to invade that space??? Besides my delicacy, sex is for pro-creation. We are to be pure in mind, body and soul, on our journey. Our Thoughts must have nice, good thoughts on the trip. That keeps the tracks in good shape.
Sex is beautiful between husband and wife. There are some ways to have variety, without turning into an Olympic sport. It is Holy. Corny as it sounds.
All of us are to be chaste till death, unless married. Happiness is defined in our relationship w God. Our journey is supernatural for our Spirits but our body is dragged along. Like a Halloween costume. It’s left behind when we die.
So heterosexual & homosexuals will be annoyed at times w NO SEX! Our lives should be filled w church and serving God in the world. Our job, vacation areas, family, God is w us, while we’re there. No sex till the wedding night! HUH! Yep!
You shall have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. Why God picks on sex, it separates us from God.,Does it feel good, Yes.Is it good for non-marrieds=NO! Happiness doesn’t get you to heaven. Being in Gods will does.
Physical vs Spiritual happiness, follow your Spirit, not your flesh. Look up to God, not horizontal to man(flesh).
Your body has a pattern. A shirt has a head/neck area. It has sleeves and a waist. You put the shirt on One way. Don’t mix up holes. There is a natural order of living beings. Follow the pattern. God says No! His reasoning is aforementioned. What FEELS GOOD! Is not ALWAYS GOOD FOR YOU!
Feel Gods love! Look for your path. Be busy in living,so you don’t give into lusts of the body. JEREMIAH 29/11. Ephesians 3: 14-21.
Holy Spirit let my words, be Your words, comfort and strengthen my spiritual brother. In Jesus name


I am unable to make sense of that statement. Can you rephrase that if you would please?


Somewhere. Click the Magnifying glass…

I find that will not be the case. Pressure from secular society will not change church teaching

I am STRONGLY against the state and secular society imposing their morality on religious institutions


You had sexual feelings at the age of five?

I had no such feelings of sex when I was five.


Its not just there choices its the choices of others around them such as family.

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