Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Not sexual. Childhood crushes. Completely normal in kids who are that age.


God created us man or woman .Read bible Genesis. Anything else is from our society,enviroment.


Looks like we are in agreement.
The Church is not required to provide for or support same sex marriage in any way.
Now you do the same - leave the secular same sex marriage alone and stop trying to stop it.


Big difference, when I was seven I had a crush on my teacher; glad I didn’t pursue that.


Well in matter of legality, it is not possible to stop something that majority of society agrees is a right. If society (for whatever reason) thinks that it was wrong to legalize gay marriage, then the law would be changed, this however is very unlikely because society has changed its morals.


Not sexual feelings, no. I had a crush on a boy in kindergarten. He had these big, brown puppy dog eyes…

But just to be clear I noticed boys in a way didn’t notice girls. I reacted to boys in a way that I didn’t to girls.


God being just, he recompenses all good that one does. But when we are not in a state of grace, all the good we do can not be rewarded by glory in Heaven, God will in this case reward by giving natural goods in this world or by giving graces , which can help to the conversion.


I have a crush on someone at work, I don’t want it and I will not pursue it.

I do have sexual feelings towards my wife though.


A crush should be innocent and temporary. There is also something called a “squish” which is probably a more accurate term, that is if the word was more widely used. A squish is a platonic crush.


Not true - the vast majority of people were against interracial marriage when it was legalized. That’s why we have a Constitution. The majority does not rule.


Ok that’s fair to say. But demographic change does have an effect on laws. Also society’s changes in value does effect law. That’s is not false. Also yes, the idea I originally had that the right to gay “marriage” can be removed by popular vote is in error


What choices did a gay person’s family make that made them gay? And did the families of straight people make choices that made their children straight? If this is true, then there could be a checklist of things that parents have to do to make sure that their children turn out straight and things to avoid doing to make sure that their children don’t turn out gay.

My dad took me out to shoot guns (ie target practice) and my uncle took me hunting. You’d think that those manly activities would have made me straight, but they didn’t. And I’ve always had a great relationship with my dad, and my mother, too. I had a normal and happy childhood, so I wonder where my parents went wrong so that I turned out gay?

  1. It’s not a sin to experience same sex attraction.
  2. There is no definite answer on whether there is a “gay” gene or not.
  3. Same sex friendships are not sinful.

For me, it comes back to how I grew up, I believe it was largely environmental. Not a lot of close male friendships in my life. Things are finally changing now, we all have legitimate needs for relationships with same and opposite sex. They need to be good holy relationships though.


I didn’t feel very close to my father growing up and hated typical male activities. Never involved in sports, dad was always working, mainly around mom, aunt, and grandma. I think parents should make sure their kids are developing well socially instead of just neglecting that. Gosh, felt so outcasted from peers for so long.


But most men who were not close to their dads growing up and had dad’s who were always working and didn’t spend a lot of time with their families still turn out straight. And there are a lot of gay men who had normal, healthy relationships with their dads who still turn out gay. And as for sports, I don’t care for sports either, but there are more and more athletes who are coming out and announcing that they’re gay. So, not all gay people hate sports, either.


Ok? It’s not a one size fit all explanation but I still refuse to believe it’s genetic.


The best, most unbiased sources are anecdotal evidence. The Union of South Africa was the most racist entity in the world in the mid-20th century, with blacks having no rights, and ‘coloureds’ [mixed race] having little more. Geneticists did a statistical study by graphing the incidence of sickle -cell anemia among the privileged, and allegedly pure, white population, and found that 95% of them were, by definition, ‘coloured’. After this, Apartheid was on its last legs.
No one will question the fact that suicide/ attempted suicide/ suicidal thoughts are statistically more common among those with SSA. This information was used to arrive at the 2.2=/- 0.4%, and confirmed more recently in a study involving tens of thousands of teens/young adults. The most recent study, done within the past few years showed SSA at exactly 2.2%. The 30% figure is less reliable, but was achieved by the same methods.


Don’t get me started on that.

That’s probably how some people used to think in the 1950s.

“if I take Johnny out hunting or camping or encouraging him to play sports or do other ‘guy stuff’ he won’t ‘turn gay.’”

“If I let Jimmy participate in ballet or figure skating or let him get interested in musicals he might ‘turn gay.’”

In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some people still think it.

And on sports, not only are there gay athletes, but there are gay sports bars for gay male sports fans to watch sports together.

This is 2018; you’d think we could cut this stereotyping once and for all.


All of your figures are unreliable. I can’t believe you were basing your statements on the information you just provided. Nothing scientific about any of it.


Wow, I wonder why that is?

Of course it couldn’t be because they get teased and made fun of (e.g., somebody on this board a week or two ago said or implied that they were “brain damaged”), or get rejected by their families.

Could it?

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