Being gay, lesbian, transgender


Don’t get me started on this, either.

I knew, since I was about 5 or 6 and maybe earlier that I had opposite-sex attraction. I never “chose it.”

Here are some questions for anyone who has opposite-sex attraction and thinks gays “chose it”:

  1. Did you choose opposite-sex attraction?
  2. How old were you when you chose opposite-sex attraction?
  3. Why did you choose opposite-sex attraction (for example, were you “recruited” by someone of the opposite sex)?
  4. Then what makes you so sure gays “chose it”?


Anecdotal evidence is the best, most reliable evidence available.

Concentrate! It’ll come to you…
This is pure science in that it is repeatable, and yields the same result [truth] time and again.


I agree with this, you are who you are. It wasn’t your family who made you gay. Perfect example what about gay people who’s families disown them for being gay or don’t like it … it wasn’t them who made them gay. I am a lesbian but it wasn’t my mother who made me this way I found an attraction to other women my mum accepts I am gay and she is catholic but it wasn’t her who made me a lesbian.


You know, you make a great point here, and I think that might be part of why these parents disown them, because their children being gay insinuates in some way that the parent must have done something wrong in bringing them up.


Why are you against the possibility that being gay might be at least partly genetic?

At one time it was popular even in some scientific circles to believe that when we are all born, our minds are a “blank slates” and that almost all of our behavior is learned. B.F. Skinner was one of the people who popularized this notion and claimed that if he had control of its environment, he could raise an infant to be almost anything he wanted. But we now know that this isn’t true. For example, not everyone, no matter how they are raised, can grow up to be a great musician. Some people have perfect pitch and this is probably genetic.

More recent scientific research has shown that many more of our abilities and our behaviors are influenced by our genes than what was once believed. But in most cases, what we become as adults is the result of a complex interaction between our genes and our environment. And there’s also epigenetics to take into account. Things that happen to us growing up can cause epigenetic chemical markers to be inserted over our genomes which can permanently change how our genes are expressed by permanently turning some genes on or turning others off.

Some conditions are caused by a single gene. Huntington’s disease is one of those as well as hemophilia. I have blue eyes and that is caused by a single mutation which first occurred about 10,000 years ago. Everyone in the world with blue eyes is most likely descended from this one person.

It’s important, however, to realize that most conditions or behaviors that have a genetic component are not going to be caused by one single gene. So, it’s unlikely that we will ever discover a single “gay gene” even if there is a genetic component to homosexuality. I have ADHD which definitely has a genetic component since someone who has a parent or sibling or other close family member with ADHD is much more likely to have it as well. But no single ADHD gene has yet been discovered. One ADHD expert says that a number of genes have been found in genome wide scans that appear to be associated with ADHD, but “even these associations are small and consistent with the idea that the genetic vulnerability to ADHD is mediated by many genes of small effect.” So, whether someone becomes gay could also be determined by an interaction between “many genes of small effect” with their environment both in utero and in growing up. The genes might not make someone gay, but they could predispose someone in that direction.


A gay gene makes no sense whatsoever. Species would have died off a long time ago if that was the case.


Not necessarily… not all may carry this gene just like other things such as disabilities some reasons why People are disabled is because of genes or chromosomes


Well I might as well be celibate then, better not have offspring, don’t want them to go through this.


I have ADHD which is a highly heritable disorder and has been linked to a number of different genes. It tends to run in families and I probably inherited it from my father. It doesn’t seem to me to be a very beneficial thing but humans haven’t died out yet because of it.


If you inherited something that predisposes you to homosexuality and you don’t want it handed down to offspring, your straight brothers and sisters and cousins would have to be celibate, too, since even if they’re not gay, they would still carry the genes for it and could hand those down to their offspring.


This is true in Catholicism and Christianity in general, as well as in Judaism. But I wonder all the same, why are we all given these animal instincts in the first place: simply as a test or trial to rise above them? It somehow doesn’t seem so to me. Even Adam and Eve must have had them since they were tempted and did not rise above them. So what is their real purpose? To rise above our own human nature, which G-d bestowed on us?


I just wish I was normal.


jtwp5 “I just wish I was normal.”

“Boo”, NOBODY is normal. Today there is no normal. We all are a bit of a “mess” when it comes right down to it. But BY THE GRACE of God we can be holy and live His will and be in Heaven for all eternity IF we take up our cross(es) and follow Him as He asked.


Hey, we are what we are for reasons unknown to us. We all have crosses to bear and some are very heavy indeed. We talk about it but talk is easy, living with it is not so easy.

One things for sure God loves you and I must do the same. Take heart, persevere and pray for the strength to overcome your troubles.
God bless.


Disabled people can still pass down genes.


ADHD doesn’t interfere with having children.


I remember reading somewhere that God gives us the bodies we need for this spiritual journey. Now some people might be very angry about a statement like that, I have a disabled son for example so I know. But I wonder, it kind of makes sense of a lot of things rather than things being random, which I don’t believe at all.


I know of a gent who has had sexual abuse
by men when young, now he’s old. He goes
to Church, adoration and says the LOTH but
he is still attracted to men and boys. It’s his
cross as @Lee1 posted, we ALL have weak-
nesses, esp. in the area of SEX in this sex-
saturated western culture, there is no getting
away from it, unless you live as a hermit!!


A lot of people feel that is a large cause for homosexuality- gay experiences as a child and when the child grows up the process repeats itself.

When I was a teenager, sometimes older guys that might pick you up hitchhiking would try to recruit kids. I had a few touchy situations although I never went for it, but I guess others did or the older gay guys wouldn’t keep trying.


No need to live like a hermit. Avoid places that display women like playthings. Avoid porn. Avoid TV shows that show characters in sexual situations. Avoid movies that show the same. Instead of rolling in the mud, we need to clean ourselves up and not meditate, for hours, on things that are just plain wrong.

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