Being gay, lesbian, transgender


ADHD also doesn’t contribute to the survival of the fittest. It probably makes some people less likely to survive. It certainly has made it much more difficult for me to support myself.

Also, some gay men do have children and scientists have pointed out ways that gay people might have helped ensure the survival of their siblings genes. So the genes that make some people gay could have served a purpose in furthering the survival of the genes of their kin group.


Ever walk down a street and see a gay/lesbian couple
holding hands or watched TV and see a gay couple in
a commercial? I DO NOT WATCH porn.


A lot of people who feel that are wrong. The vast majority of gay people have suffered no abuse, sexual or otherwise, when children. This is but one of the many myths about homosexuality.


And gay people can pass down their genes, too, through their brothers and sisters.


People BECOME gay. They are not born gay. It arises from upbringing, environment, and choice!


Gay men and women have children all the time.


Why would people “become gay” if they don’t “become straight”? I still don’t understand where you get this from. Look at your sexuality. Look at someone you find attractive, on TV or a magazine or whatever. Now - STOP. Choose not to find that person attractive. I’m straight - and I can’t. So why would you think a gay person can? Is interracial attraction a choice?

Look - I don’t care if it’s a choice or not. Gay people are still American citizens and deserve the same rights as anyone else. But I really would like to understand your thought process. Why do you think being gay is a choice?


I can’t think of a single person that died of ADHD.


That’s not how it works and it is a completely different scenario.


For the most part they aren’t doing that these days. (at least in the west.)


Of course that’s how it works. For example, where do you think a gay man’s DNA comes from? About half comes from his mother and half from his father. So, if there’s at least some genetic component to homosexuality, then he got that from his parents. And that gay person’s brothers and sisters also get their DNA from the same mother and father and get many of the same genes from the parents as their gay brother. And they will pass some of those genes to their children including some that could be linked to homosexuality.


The genes are passed down, but not through the gay sibling if they don’t have children.


LOL…Considering how easily distracted I am, if I was living someplace in Africa 60,000 years ago, my chances of getting eaten by a lion would probably be much higher than that of the other members of my tribe.


This isn’t 60,000 years ago and things are more safe now, so it isn’t really an impediment.


It doesn’t matter whether the genes are passed down by the gay person or by his siblings. Either way, they get passed down to the next generation.


They should still dwindle if the descendants don’t produce children.


Considering that a lot of people with children have had attractions to the same sex…if there was a gay gene it would be passing down easily.

Also with our knowledge about genes, if you have a genetic marker of something it won’t mean that you would necessarily display the phenotype? So it’s possible that straight people with kids have the gene, assuming that it exists.


Have you ever studied - really studied - genetics?


I have a friend who has SSA and he was abused when younger, don’t discredit victims.


So, why didn’t the number of gay people dwindle in the past? Are you suggesting that there used to be a lot more gay people in the past but now it’s down to the percentage that we have now, about 5%?

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