Being Holy and PMS - need support, women

I do not like the person that I am during PMS. I do not recognize me. I strive to grow in holiness and it is always an effort. But during PMS it is nearly impossible. I feel tired, apathetic, frustrated, angry, and much more. I do not feel like praying…so instead of praying for help during this time…I feel so dry in my prayer that it becomes just another thing on my to do list. I do have to acknowledge that I have gotten much better in my outward expressions of how I feel - I have a little more control because I want to be Christ-like and I love my family. But inside I feel all the turmoil and at best I just suppress it or avoid loved ones…so as not to unleash this on them. In terms, of work, I am horrible…I have no motivation, everything is like a crisis to me during this time, and I just want to do the minimum needed to keep things afloat. This is not the way I am the other 3 weeks of the month. The bulk of my need for confession comes from this period of time. I feel like such a fraud in the eyes of God because I do not have constancy of faith, hope, and charity. Does anyone else feel this?

I just ordered the Optivite vitamins Marilyn Shannon suggests in her books. My doctor gave me a prescription for a low dose of a psyc medicine to take one week before the start of my cycle. But I do not like taking meds or vitamins. But I guess, I will try the vitamins, first. Maybe, I need to evaluate my diet better. I am waiting for Shannon’s new book.

Any thoughts…

I used to be able to relate, and you will be in my prayers. Through exercise (like sweating profusely kind of exercise lol) and good diet, my pms is at bay…although the paranoia sometimes creeps back. I hate that part of pms the most…where I think the world is closing in on me. :frowning: I have asked Jesus to help me overcome the challenges of this time of the month, and that has especially helped me. I know that there must be great saints out there who had similiar struggles…afterall, we are all human, right? PMS is a real thing though, very much, but it varies from woman to woman, from women feeling nothing, to the pain and aggravation you describe. Diet and exercise does help. Increasing vitamin b, etc…

My suggestion is to see your doctor before doing your own thing. He/she might want to perform some tests to make sure there isn’t a serious hormonal balance, etc…

I highly suggest avoiding sugar, even though we crave it during this time, it’s a killer for pms! I think when I avoid it completely a few weeks prior to that time, I have no cravings pre-period.

Praying for you to overcome these challenges! ((hugs)):sad_yes::console:

I just learned that I have a condition where my body does not absorb b vitamins. So I certainly will mention this to my fertility specialist (I am seeing one because of miscarriages and we have done many tests). But I have been so focused in my visits with him on finding solutions to the miscarriages that I never discussed my PMS, with this doctor. I love to exercise and this happens to be the only week where you will find me skipping my jogs (or other cardio). I guess, that is counterproductive. And I usually am disciplined with junk food - but during this time I will eat any sweet that I meet, even if I do not want to. Sounds, as if I am exacerbating the problem, myself. Thanks for responding.

Try not to feel too guilty about it. If you can keep charitable during a time when you don’t feel like it, that is probably more pleasing to God than all the wonderful prayer you’re doing when it’s easy all the rest of the month.

Sometimes you feel good, sometimes not. Sometimes prayer is fruitful, sometimes not. But if you keep getting up again, if you manage not to be nasty to your family even though you feel nasty, you have got to be pleasing God so much.

I would definitely advise that, if you don’t do so already, to make sure those close to you know right away that that is why you are acting crazy. I never used to tell anyone because I felt they would “write off my feelings,” but I decided after awhile that it was much better to have them set my temper down to my hormones than to think I was really that kind of a person. Let them know that you don’t push them away on purpose, and that you need extra patience from them.

It seems like your PMS is much worse than most people’s, so while you’re trying to get the problem fixed, you really may have to cut what you do to “survival only.” It seems like you are doing this already. Prayer because you have to is better than no prayer. And if you’re just staying afloat in the work you have to do, you’re still staying afloat! You could be sinking. Use the other three weeks, so far as you can, to catch up and get ahead in preparation for the one week when you’re just getting by.

In terms of physical help – I have always found it helpful to reduce sugar and caffeine, to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and get more exercise than usual, especially outdoors. And it looks like finding some B vitamins you can absorb is going to be a key factor – the lack of vitamins might be a large part of why you go so completely out of whack with your cycle.

I could have written your post–sounds just like me. I describe it as there are no “good feeling” chemicals in my brain and everything irritates me. This is the only time that my husband and I ever fight about anything. Some months are more difficult than others. Motivation is practically zero during this time. One way that I have coped has been to keep my mouth shut when I want to criticize or complain…I realize that it is just my nasty mood which is based more on chemicals in my brain than the actual situation or person that I am dealing with. The other way that I have coped in the past is to get pregnant and not have to deal with it for another 9 months–just kidding! :smiley:

***I suffer from PMS…I’m also in “peri-menopause”, now my cycle is bombarding me every two and half to three weeks…I’m miserable, I can’t sleep, I feel frustrated, anxious, bored, you name it, I feel it! :frowning:

I am not really able to take anything since I am diabetic and already take a lot of meds…I look forward to the day my flow just stops…hope this is not offensive to anyone, I’m just desperate and so tired of always feeling like this…

My husband and kids cope, they know when to stay away, which really makes me sad…

Again, I need to just pray more and pray harder to have some relief…to be nicer, kinder, more patient, and more energetic!

I hope you get better and that your remedies will work for you, I’ll pray for all of us who suffer from PMS…

BTW: My kids’ call PMS…PLEASE MOM, STOP! (kinda cute huh? ;))***

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