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My sister-in-law is being induced tomorrow morning at 5am. This is her first child. Heres my question…How long do you think she will be in labor?? I had a friend that WAS NOT induced at she was in labor for 37 hours. Another friend WAS induced and she was only in labor for about 12 hours. I’m trying to decide if I should let my boss know that I need to be off tomorrow afternoon so I can go to the hospital and wear “It’s a girl!! I’m the aunt” T-shirt :smiley:

Any ideas how long this might take??

There’s just no way to guess, especially with this being her first. Could be 15 minutes, could be 2 days. Do you know if she’s dilated or effaced at all? Sometimes that can give you a good guess, but it’s still just a guess.

Prayers for a healthy delivery. :slight_smile:

Being induced just means to start the labor process and usually break the water. No different from it all starting on its on, you can’t ever tell… 15 minutes or 15 hours. As long as she is progressing…they will let her go on her own.

I would take the day off if I were you.

She is dialated to a 3 I think.

You can stay at stage 3 for days or minutes… every labor is unique…

Thats what I thought. I looked around online and it says anywhere from 30 minutes to days!! WOW!! Being in labor for days doesn’t sound fun at all!! Her due date was the 8th but when they do all the measurements and ultrasounds they say the baby is pretty big and thats why they are inducing.

Can’t hurt to tell your boss about the situation and maybe let him/her know the situation and see if it would be OK to leave work when the baby is born. :slight_smile: I hope they understand and you get to be there! Congrats, Aunty, and I will pray for your SIL to have a smooth labor. (BTW, I was induced and baby was in my arms about 6 hours after contractions started, out in one or two pushes).

ummmm…hate to be the bearer of “bad” news…I was 3 centimeters for 2 weeks!:eek: PP are correct though, every labor and birth is unique!! I would give the boss a heads up that you may have to leave any time!! God Bless on your family’s newest blessing!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Typically the inductions are so micro-managed that they do like to have you dilate a sonameter an hour. That does not include possible problems like failure to progress at 5, or 6, or 7. So if she STARTS at 5AM, then a “typical” augmentated labor would then be, from a 3, 7 hours. BUT that’s a typical labor, we don’t knwo how agresssive or conservative her OB is. We don’t even know HOW her labor is to be augmented: Pitocin (most typical), cervadil, cytotec (hope not, fi so she should decline it for something safer)?

Go to work, try to concentrate on your work (LOL) and just go IF you get a call, or wait until after work. Chances are she might still be in labor.

Why is she being induced if you don’t mind me asking?

Her due date was the 8th. She is huge! When they do the mesaurements of her tummy and the ultrasound picks, they said that the baby is pretty large. I know those can be wrong. My friend had a baby in March and they said that her baby was huge and when she came out she was only 7 lbs.

I e-mailed my boss and told him that IF she is about to be born I would like to be able to leave and he said that was fine. :thumbsup:

And I went from 2cm to 10cm in an hour w/ my first, so you just never know! Congrats on being an aunt. —KCT

Yeah, same here, with one preg I was 3 cm and 90% effaced at my 35 wk check and was 4+ cm by my 38th and was induced. With another I walked around a couple of cm dilated for 5 wks and was then induced.
Now, I just wanted to point out that it is not the same to be meerely dilated and waiting as to actually be induced. It also depends on how the person is being induced. Both times I was induced with pitocin, and once I was induced the baby was coming one way or another. They also broke my water. Once the water is broken Dr’s usually like to deliver soon to avoid infections.

First labor (from the moment the upped my pitocin to a stronger level and water was broken to when my baby was born) was probably 6-7 hrs? Hmm sounds like a short amount of time, but from the moment I got to the hospital it was like 13 hours. Second labor was about 6 hrs too. Both induced.

Keri- I hope everything goes well! Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

If she is being induced, they will not let her go days. If they break her water, that is kind of like the point of no return, that one way or another she will be having the baby sometime within about 24 hours. I’ve been induced three times. I was overdue the first time and labor took about 12 hours. The other two were more like 6 hours. What helped me progress the most in all three times was that as soon as I had my epidural, I went from 3 or 4 cm to 10 cm in minutes. I don’t know if that is typical or not.

It sounds like you will be an aunt very soon, but there is just no way of knowing how long it will take. Your sister is in my prayers.

I was at 2 a few days before giving birth. I was scheduled for an induction (my dd was almost 2 weeks late and was thought to be over 9lbs. - she was 8lbs7oz) and at 2:00 am (3 1/2 hours before going into the hospital for the induction) i started feeling like I had the stomach flu. By 5 am I was calling and begging to come in NOW!!!. When I arrived I was begging for an epidural (which ended up slowing my labor) and delivered my dd by 12pm. If I didn’t have the epidural I would have delivered her before 7am. As others have stated, you never know. As one who was happy about the birth of my dd but wasn’t so thrilled about visitors the same day, I’d suggest you go to work and plan on visiting the next day. Both parents and baby may be exhausted and just want time to themselves as a family. I wasn’t offended that my brother didn’t visit until the next day. I was actually happy he visited then and wouldn’t have cared if he waited a few weeks to visit (I’m not big on guests in case you can’t tell).

My induced labor was 12 hours, 15 minutes. My onset labor was 12 hour, 14 minutes from the breaking of the bag (in the middle of the 7th inning!) and the first contraction to actual delivery. Every woman is different.

Praying that mommy and baby are doing well and are well on their way to a happy, healthy delivery if baby isn’t here by now :slight_smile:

Not here yet. I talked to my brother and Amy is having contractions that are about 2 minutes apart but she is only dilated to a 3 1/2. They gave her some pain meds to help her be more comfortable but I’m thinking it will be a while. They have been at the hospital since 5am this morning. This sitting at work and just waiting is driving me nuts!!

Any news, Keri? Is your little niece here yet? :slight_smile:

when they induce you they are commited to delivering that baby by any means possible…meaning if she her body doesnt go into active labor they will label her “failer to progress” and c-section her!

Gosh that came off badly, i just mean that no matter what she will have the baby soon. hopefully they are hands off and let her body to what it needs to do in the time frame that is best for her.

Happy Auntie Day!

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