Being judged?


Can/would God judge a person not worthy of Heaven before they died? Thanks, Tim


God knows whether a person will go to Heaven or not because he knows all things. Whether a person goes to Heaven, though, is not determined by a “judgment” of God. God wants everyone to go to Heaven, but he respects everyone’s free will as well. If someone were “forced” into Heaven, it wouldn’t really be Heaven at all since the perfection in Heaven consists partly in loving God completely and thus requires free will.


Part of the problem with the question is that it is asked as if God is in time. In other words, tody God judges the person, and tomorrow the person dies.

God is not in time; there is no time to God as all things are present at once and always. The question seems to make sense, but really doesn’t, because there is no time with God. the person is judged before they were created, but at the same time, not until they died; and as we live in time and have free will, a judgement that was in time would be a denial of free will - the capacity to choose differently in time.

So, to put it another way, God will not judge us until we die, but He has already judged us before we exist, as there is no time to God.


Phooey! None of us is worthy of heaven, ever. If I arrive in heaven it is because God is merciful. Besides, the idea of being worthy, and the idea of justice don’t equate in a system predicated on love.

Since none of us knows what awaits beyond the curtain of death, consider this: We all go to heaven. What we perceive of the presence of God is based on our own spiritual condition. Those who placed their trust in God feel welcomed into a life of joy and glory; those who spent a lifetime rejecting other people, placing themselves first in all things find the infinite love of heaven an eternal, burning reproach. The same “place”, but different responses. there is no hell but the one we fashion for ourselves, and isn’t it the worst hell of all?



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