Being married in the catholic church


My husband and I are both practicing Catholics, but we were never married in the Catholic Church, is this a sin?


your own pastor can advise you best, and help you convalidate your marriage, so that you again may receive the sacraments, and avail yourselves of the sacramental grace of matrimony–this is an occasion of immense grace for the couple and the whole family, so make an appointment today with your priest.


Welcome to CAF. Puzzle Annie is right. Talk to your pastor, and he will let you know what you need to do to correct the situation and make sure that your marriage is recognized by the Catholic Church.


Hi, you can easily get married on a Saturday right before the 5:30p.m. Mass. It only takes a few minutes. I am serious. I was surprised to see a couple get married before Mass.
It was nice and the priest was happy that it wasn’t a big wedding. Just a few family members attended the wedding.
Remember in the gospel…“The Wedding at Cana” when Jesus turned water into wine?
That is the day that couple got married last year.

Please talk to your priest of what you need in order to get married by the church.
Are you both confirmed in the Catholic church? You need to do that first if your are not.


While I was discussing wedding music with my organist, an older couple was exchanging marital vows in the church below us. It was just the two of them, the priest, and two witnesses. Not sure what it requires, but there “ceremony” lasted only a few minutes and had no pomp and circumstance. They got a smidgen of wedding music because my organist played a few samples for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it is true, it only takes a few minutes to get married at the church. If you get married before Mass you will have a whole choir singing and a bunch of witnesses. I think that is great. Lucia

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