Being on call working for railroad, do I sin by missing Mass?

I work for the railroad.I love being catholic and attend mass every sunday if i can. Being a conductor on the railroad is very demanding. We have no set days off work 24/7. So attending sunday mass or a holy day of obligation can be difficult. I’ve heard of doctors, firemen, police officers get some what a pass for attending mass but must attend if not working. Not many people understand being a conductor or engineer on the railroad we really work everyday all year long . It takes a toll on the family. Moving coal trains to power cities, freight trains full of food and also everyday products to help people. If the railroad didnt move freight the country shuts down. I will use this sunday as a example. I was called to work sat. at 2pm so i was unable to attend mass on sat. I was rested for work at 6am but i was 5th in line to be called to go back to work. I was worried if I went to mass I would get called and be unable to work that day and get wrote up for it and miss a day of wages. My question is if I’m unable to attend mass cause being on a train working or subject to be called before mass am i commiting a mortal sin?


Of course, not. You are obliged to attend Sunday Mass when you can. If you miss Sunday Mass and later in the week are able to attend a daily Mass, then do it. If not, don’t worry about it. The Lord understands.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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