Being photographed, video taped is un-Islamic:

Being photographed, video taped is un-Islamic:

Monday, May 04, 2009

  • Sufi Muhammad says democracy, communism, socialism, fascism are un-Islamic systems of governance
  • Says jihad is only obligatory when infidels seek to eliminate sharia
  • Women can only come out of their houses to perform Haj

LAHORE: It is un-Islamic for anyone to be photographed, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief Sufi Muhammad has said.

Talking to a private TV channel, he said any duplicated image of a person, whether a “still picture or video” was un-Islamic. Referring to the various systems of governance, he said democracy, communism, socialism and fascism were all un-Islamic.

He also said there was no need for a constitution in the country in the presence of the Quran and Sunnah, adding these were the “biggest laws” available to humanity. Focusing on democracy, he said it was un-Islamic, as infidels invented it. “I would not offer prayer behind anyone who would seek to justify democracy,” he said, adding this was why he had refused to offer prayers behind Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazlur Rehman. “How can people who believe in democracy be expected to enforce the ideals of sharia,” he said.

He said the struggle for Kashmir was to obtain land where Muslims could move about freely rather than seeking the implementation of shariat.

Obligatory jihad: Sufi Muhammad said the sharia system of governance not currently in force anywhere in the world, not even Saudi Arabia or Iran. “Only the Taliban had enforced sharia when they were in power in Afghanistan,” he added.

He said he had gone to Afghanistan to conduct jihad, and not to cater to Mullah Omar or Osama Bin Laden. “Jihad was obligatory at the time because the US wanted to end sharia in Afghanistan,” he added.

He said Muslims could not wage jihad until the enforcement of sharia, adding jihad becomes obligatory on Muslims only after infidels attempt to eliminate the sharia system of governance.

To a question on his organisation’s members picking up the sword in the past and killing people, he said he was opposed to such actions. “They took these actions without informing me and after I came to know of them, I prevented them from doing so,” he added.

Not allowed: On the status of women in a Taliban-run society, he said women were not allowed to come out of their house for any reason other than to perform Haj. However, he added, a female patient was allowed to visit a male doctor to seek a cure for her ailments.

Separately, Sufi Muhammad told another channel the TNSM wanted the implementation of sharia in Malakand Division. He said the qazis appointed by the NWFP government for the Darul Qaza were judges and their appointments had “not been in accordance with Islam”.

He said the 1973 Constitution was an Islamic document but had not been implemented properly. He said the rules framed by the government for the Darul Qaza were unacceptable, adding the NWFP government had not consulted him prior to their establishment.

This article speaks about a few things, but what caught my eye was the fact that he is saying and I quote… ““still picture or video” was un-Islamic.”

And I now quote… “Talking to a private TV channel

So in closing video is “un-islamc”… his statement and then, he is saying this on a private TV channel being. Hmmmmm!!! :confused: Islam is so confusing!!!

I think that is pretty much the definition of irony. His picture would beside the definition if he allowed his picture to be taken…oh wait.

There is nothing confusing here; this guy is a dolt. Apart from Bedouins, I’ve never met anyone who actually practiced this (and, for that matter, there were even plenty of Bedouins who were quite happy to have their pictures taken).

All that snippet shows is the complete absurdity of what is going on in Swat, and NWFP, etc.

Well, he has a proof for his statement, but I’ve talked about this issue with my shaykh a number of times. It’s not really “un-Islamic” to be photographed or video-taped, especially if there is some reason behind it. What is “un-Islamic” is hanging pictures (photographs, I mean,) on the wall and that sort of thing.

But you’re right, it is pretty ironic that he’s doing the very thing he says is “un-Islamic.”

And I hope that casts doubt on the rest of his statements (some of which are totally bizarre misrepresentations of Islam), because he clearly doesn’t even adhere to the teachings he himself proclaims.

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