'Being raised Catholic is worse than child abuse': Latest incendiary claim made by atheist professor Richard Dawkins


Sorry but who does this man think he is? :takethat: :mad::mad::mad::mad:

There are plenty of comments there suggesting that the state ban parents from teaching their children religion! Since when did UK citizens become Fascists?!:mad:

How about I turn this around and say that being raised anti-theist is worse than child abuse?
Richard Dawkins has a tendency to grab attention and whine.

This type of rhetoric makes me miss Christopher Hitchens. He was much better than Dawkins.

But let me ask this: how is believing the Catholic faith worst than being raised an atheist (at best) and anti-theist (at worst)?

“Son, you have a pointless existence. You are unimportant, meaningless, and insignificant. Your existence is entirely random - there’s no reason why you even became my son. You’re nothing more than a bunch of assembled atoms. When you die, you will be nothing more than ash. You’ll more than likely be entirely forgotten. You won’t be living happily after death, because death is absolutely final. Don’t worry about rewards after your death, because there is no such thing.” Shortly followed by: “Here’s your birthday cake, by the way.”

How much more depressing can one get?

**Atheists Say Richard Dawkins is an Embarrassment… and Troublesome

**Atheist, evolutionist and scholar Michael Ruse (who is interviewed by John Dickson in this video) is among many atheists who find Richard Dawkins troublesome and an embarrassment for atheism and science. Ruse explains that Dawkins refusal to take religion seriously and his inability to discuss it in an open and rational matter is bothersome. It seems that not only do Christians recognize Dawkins’ apparent irrationality, but educated atheists see it too.

Not much more, that’s for sure.

Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad, for being such abusive parents as to raise me Catholic! :thumbsup: It’s really difficult sometimes to know what to do with all this grace, hope, and joy. Really burdensome to know I have all those Saints and Angels to help me when I need, not to mention God Himself to love me enough to die on a cross for my salvation. Yup, it’s really scarred me for life, but maybe I’ll manage to muddle through to the end so I can not experience the non-experience of returning to the nothingness from which arose this universe which apparently we are all somehow collectively hallucinating . . . :rolleyes:

pardon me but Richard Dawkins is a nut. i think he went off his rocker years ago. even his own fellow atheists think he is a bit out there and say he takes it too far in many instances. of course, many atheists also wont admit he is crazy because to do so would suggest “treason” against atheism and of course Richard Dawkins is the “leader” of . atheism so if their leader is crazy then… yea.

but Dawkins doesn’t know what hes talking about. i mean really child abuse? ive never felt abused. its worse to be raised in an atheist household where you’re told that your life is worthless and there is nothing awaiting you after your death. i personally would rather never be born than be raised to believe that this life is worthless and there is nothing after it. i mean wow thats real motivating and inspiring to hear

Another thing: all this talk from him comes from a woman who said a priest replied her Protestant friends are going to burn in Hell. Several possibilities here:

a) Dawkins is lying (no woman exists, no conversation ever took place).
b) Dawkins is telling the truth, the woman is lying (no conversation ever took place).*
c) Dawkins is telling the truth, the woman is telling the truth, the priest doesn’t realize Catholic teaching (such as, we don’t know for sure who is going to Hell - we can hope Protestants can go to Heaven, if they have invincible ignorance)

A common theme in all these scenarios: no one bothered to research the Church’s true teachings.

  • Nota Bene: If this woman exists, then she lost a lot of credibility by describing child sexual abuse as “yucky.” I mean, that’s it? Just “yucky,”? How many people are ruined for the rest of their lives because of sexual abuse, and she describes it as “yuck?”

What Dawkins says is not news

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