Being resigned to one's fate a sin against the Holy Spirit?

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Recently, my fight against has taken a resigned focus; I have convinced myself that no matter how many times I go to Confession, the same sins will hamper again and again. It has drained my confidence, so much so that I haven’t been to Confession in three weeks. I have not received the Eucharist either in that same time, for there is no graver sin to me than the sin of sacrilege. I bring this question to you today because I wonder if my attitude is a sin against the Holy Spirit, despair of salvation specifically? Despair of salvation refers to the notion that one’s sin far exceeds the Mercy of Christ and is therefore irredeemable. Therefore, while not being adamant of my damnation, would being disposed to an opinion of ‘most likely damned’ be in the same category?

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may the Peace of Christ come to you and your families.
God bless you.

One thing it seems is too little emphasized is that *without God, we can do nothing. *If you are tonovercome your vice, whatever it may be, you will need God’s help: *only *with His help can you overcome it. You must beg and ask God for His help. You cannot rely on yourself.

Notice that, under this way of thinking about it, you are denying God’s power by thinking that this sin will always hamper you. You are giiving up in the middle of the battle! What God wants from you is not to say it’s hopeless, but to pick yourself up and try again.

Here are two ideas which helped me to understand all this better:
Quadrupani note

Merry Christmas!

Do you have a Spiritual Director? Despair of something of the prince of lies. He wants you to feel worthless and unredeemable Nothing could be further than the truth.
Get a spiritual director if you don’t have one yet, and work with him to sort out these negative thoughts


It’s ok to confess sins repeatedly if you’re at least trying or resolving to do better. I do it often. Even Paul wrote about it (I do the things…)

I get that it’s difficult and can be embarrassing but don’t lose hope.

At every mass, there are people who decide not to receive because they know they need an honest confession. I am often among them.

Catholicism is more difficult than Protestantism for a reason, but worth it because its true.

As a practicality, I would take time for extra reading in addition to bible reading. Writings of Fulton Sheen, St Francis de Dales, St Gemma Galgani, St Mother Theresa, The Imitation of Christ, etc. might be worth while.

Perhaps take some down time for a few weeks to read and reflect before revisiting confession. Also find a novena mass, charismatic, or other special events.

Some priests have recommended reading the book of James out loud, or making time to say the “Jesus prayer” (from the orthodox desert fathers) regularly.

Sometimes it’s necessary to purge things that facilitate temptation and find something different to takes its place. Easier said than done.

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