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hi I am wanting to start jogging every morning but over the last couple of months there has been a couple of robberys and shootings and a drug bust (the area use to be nice) On one hand I feel like I should just trust god and jog and not worry about the crime. on the other hand I think I should play it safe by not jogging…what should I do?

You are male? Female?

As a long time marathon/competitive runner I sometimes find it necessary to train in questionable places. At home I am fine, but on the road you don’t always know. If the place is obviously bad, I skip it. Not worth it.

If you are female, I suggest not doing it in such a enviroment.

If you;re male and fear being robbed don’t, bad guys usually aren’t gonna pick out a guy in running stuff (carrying no wallet!) to rob. If some just want to do you harm for the heck of it, then I dunno, that really is a bad neighborhood.

Otherwise you might need to drive to a safe place and go from there, or invest in a treadmill ( I have a nice one I use in bad weather or when I want a break from the roads). Perhaps a health club with treadmills might be the way to go, but it will never beat being outside.

Good luck.

Male or female…can you drive to an area that is safer to run than the one in which you live? Would seem smarter to run in safety than to tempt fate and the criminals to target you as their next victim!:wink:

I have the same problem. Going with a friend is helpful, as is running rather than jogging. That’s if you can’t drive somewhere safer. The safest time is the afternoon, here. Whenever there are lots of people around. Use your intution and if you feel wrong about a run or a specific street, listen to that.

Don’t carry anything with you except your house key, so that you aren’t a target for robbery. Leave your valuables at home, locked up.

I would probably risk it, but I don’t know. The morning seems safer than the evening or night time. Don’t drug addicts sleep in? LOL

When I go out walking and it’s still dark, I always take my big, black dog with me. He wouldn’t hurt anyone, but they don’t know that!

You should probably try to find a safer alternative, like is mentioned in other posts, but if nothing else works, then you should go anyway. I don’t believe in letting evil in the world hinder us from doing what is good for us. Use common sense, but if you are male, then I think you should go for it. If female, then I’m not sure, but lean toward going anyway.

I’ve been running for 6 years and I run in the wee hours of the morning (head out sometimes at 4:45 a.m.) Sometimes I worry, but there’s a reason I don’t listen to an ipod or anything while running…so I can be aware of my surroundings. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to go to a running store and buy the small hand-held mace sprayers.

Even if you aren’t carrying any money, the robbers don’t know that. You could be mugged anyway, and then the robbers would get angry when you don’t give up your wallet.

Read the police reports in the newspaper – you’ll see that a surprising number of muggings happen during the early morning hours. (5-7AM). A recent murder in my neighborhood happened on the street at 7:12 AM.

Muggers and bad guys are out there all the time, both day and night.

Keep in mind, there’s no “they” here; there’s nobody out there with a job description of “criminal,” despite what we see fictionalized on TV. “They” are just normal everyday people just like us, except that they are committing a crime against you or someone else, either because they are desperate for money, or because they are bored and looking for excitement.

Even if you aren’t carrying any money, the robbers don’t know that. You could be mugged anyway, and then the robbers would get angry when you don’t give up your wallet.

As a woman, if I’m not carrying a purse, or as a man, if there’s nothing sticking out of my pocket, it’s less likely that they would assume you have money with you.

What I’ve seen happen is that someone will test you out to see whether you have any money, by posing as a beggar. The “beggar” will approach and ask for some spare change. If you pull out a wallet, or if you have something to give him, then they will know for sure that you’ve got money on you, and then they will move in for the attack.

Take martial arts classes to learn how to defend yourself. Then run where ever you want and carry mace. Between mace and martial arts, you should be able to get away from most any trouble. Plus, martial arts will get you in shape pretty dang quick, too.

Don’t live in fear.

I wanted to address your comment about just doing it anyway and “trusting to God.” God gave us the gift of the intellectual capabilities we possess. If we purposely choose not to use them, doing something we know to be unsafe, stupid, or risky in the extreme, and call it “trusting God” then we are insulting Him and His gift. IMO…

Martial arts are good, but they won’t get you to the level you could be in a fight and win for a while. There are Rape Agression Defense classes, often free or low cost, you can take. That will give you some basic skills and confidence. I’ve heard of women remembering nothing but the straddle stance and to yell KIAI! who sent attackers running.

Rapers usually look for women with ponytails, overalls or easily removable clothing, and who are alone. I suggest wearing leggings under your running shorts, a shirt over your sports bra or tank top, your hair in a french braid, tucked in with no tail if possible, and that you run in safe and busy location with few bushes or alleys which you could be drug into or behind and concealed from view.

Always run with your head up and looking around, aware of what is happening three to fifteen seconds ahead and around you. Look people in the eye and if you are stopped, like at a stop light, then say something to them like good morning. It makes you a bad target because you can identify them in a line up. Don’t worry about offending people. Your safety comes first. If you are alone, don’t stop to give directions and don’t let anyone get close to you. Loudly tell them to stop and step back. No one should be close enough to lunge and grab you. Criminals are often well-dressed and well-spoken, so don’t judge based on appearances. Assume everyone could do it anywhere and you’ll be ready for anyone at anytime. The number one rule if you do get attacked is to never, ever, ever let them move you from your current location to another location. Your chances of being murdered are almost guaranteed if they transport you. If they are robbing you, throw your keys or wallet in one direction and run in the other because they really want the valuables. If they have a gun, run. Preferably in an erratic pattern. They are unlikely to shoot, more unlikely to hit you, and more unlikely still to kill you. Your chances are best if you run.

Check out your local sports stores to see if there is a jogging club in your area. If there isn’t, enlist a friend to jog with you and meet at a park or safe location. Parking lots, even busy ones, are one of the worst places, so be careful entering and leaving your car. Always have it locked. Reduce your risks, educate yourself, be alert, then leave the rest in God’s hands.

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