being single

is remaining single, having a career and using extra time to volunteer with the church an acceptable way of life? i feel no call to marriage or religious life and was wondering what other options there are

Some people have very unique vocations in life. As long as you are open to God’s will for you, then you are fine. You may be called to serve Him in a less conventional way.

I don’t believe everyone is called to marriage or religious life. Single people have a special place in the world because they can help people when other states in life cannot because they’re busy with their families or religious commitments.

Volunteering is really good. Help others and serve God.

I would also suggest looking into third order religious groups to see if you might be called to one of those.

Some people are single by choice; others feel called to marriage but haven’t found their spouses yet (some get married later in life or later discern they’re not called to marriage after all).

The most important things are prayer and keeping Christ at the center of your life. Be open to God’s will for your life. :thumbsup:

Single life is a great vocation. Volunteering is a great idea :thumbsup:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being and having never been married.

Are you a man or a woman? There are single vocations for those living in the world. The key to the single vocation is that it is living single for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. There are various ways to live out this vocation whether it be as a public vocation in the Church or privately under private vows.

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