Belfast woman: 'My abortion has haunted me all my life - nothing will ever replace losing my baby'


A Belfast businesswoman raped as a child of 13 and forced to have an abortion by her Christian parents has opened her heart about the depth of her trauma which destroyed her life for 36 years.

As a child Anna had no say in what happened when she fell pregnant after being raped by an 18-year-old on a first date.

She says her parents who were church-going Presbyterians couldn’t face the shame and very quickly arranged for her to travel to Liverpool for an abortion.


Praying for her. Yes, abortion deeply hurts everybody. God bless you.


Such an upsetting situation.
What a multi-faceted trauma–the rape, the nurse’s words, the abortion, the feeling of no control, and then not being allowed to grieve properly and having to keep the secret…all this during the tender and impressionable early teens.
Poor kid.

Good thing she finally went for therapy…she should have gone as a teenager.

That nurse was cruel to do what she did!
She made what was already a terrible situation a thousand times worse for the girl! If she had words like that to say, she should have said them to the parents or the doctor, not the girl–and not just before she goes under the knife!

The sub-head says she was “forced” to have the abortion, but those are not the woman’s words. It seems more like the parents just acted fast. The girl didn’t at any point try to stop it or say she didn’t want it or protest…even tho she did know it was going to be “terminated”.
Perhaps had she said something or refused, her parents would have listened to her. I guess she’ll never know.
That is probably part of her pain, too…that she didn’t speak up if she didn’t want one. But it sounds as though she didn’t really know what she wanted.

She says she thinks her parents arranged it because they would have been shamed…but perhaps they thought they were doing what was best for her, not for themselves.

I wonder if some of her guilty feelings are linked to the fact that as a pregnant 13-year-old, she wanted the situation to go away without having to make the choice herself.

Granted, she was so young and it all happened fast.
But perhaps it was easier to let the parents take care of it, and then blame them for it later…than blaming herself for having sex or for not saying no to the abortion once she knew what it involved.

I hope she forgives herself and her parents.
Even the pope, in his wonderful compassion, has said that all priests can forgive this act in this Year of Mercy.



Praying for this woman.


Pro-Life is a deal breaker for anyone who wants my vote for POTUS. As someone said, everyone looses with abortion.


what can be said?

i wish this poor woman had a better faith background/family support

ireland has lost its catholic way

for the 1st time IN MY MY LIFE i will not be wearing green this coming st patrick’s day

i will wear black

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