Belgian bishop approves IVF, homosexuality and anticonception

The Bishop of Antwerp has spoken out in favour of acceptance by the Roman Catholic Church of gay lifestyles. Mgr Bonny’s intervention is seen as unprecedented in the history of the Roman Catholic Church and is expected to ignite a heated debate between conservatives and progressives in Rome.
Writing in a letter to the Vatican seen by the daily De Morgen the Bishop of Antwerp Johan Bonny writes that the language that the Catholic Church uses with regard to love, sexuality and relationships is offensive and must change.

The Bishop of Antwerp notes that the Church speaks of regular and irregular situations. Homosexuality, divorce and anti-conception fall in the latter category.

The bishop says that reality is far more complex: “This bipolar thinking doesn’t do justice to people’s life stories. These situations deserve greater respect and a more nuanced verdict than the one that comes forward through church documents. The church must break with its defensive attitude.”

Mgr Bonny’s letter comes a month before Roman Catholic bishops meet in Rome for a synod to consider the role of the Vatican with regard to relationships and the family.source

The whole letter can be read here in English:

I am actually interested enough to click the link…but it’s 22 pages long!! :frowning:

Nothing you said or quoted the bishop as saying indicates he approved them. He criticized language being used. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, he thinks the Church has to improve it’s communication. That’s his belief.

Even if there is an initial article in Flemish, maybe we could see it. This is an interesting topic.

Well, I’d say Flanders has an agenda and I find the image offensive. (above quote does not carry link from “source” - go to original OP.)

I did not read the entire letter, but the bishop is honest enough to say that his expectations for the synod are his personally and he formulates them in his own name. Based upon the content, however, I’m certain it will not be well received by all. I’m still holding my breath and believe there will be a huge spiritual battle fought come October between all the principalities.

I suppose that changing the language of how sexual morality is expressed by the Church could be helpful.

By this do you mean that since the world was made for the church as the bridegroom of Christ who is the alpha and logos that the joy of fidelity and a chaste life must be more prominently highlighted?

Your language entails a suppressive force applied through an erronious ethos originated in false mores derived from a poor comprehension of the supernatural. “The language of how sexual morality is expressed” has a convoluted structure and is laden with a conjecture of oppressive guilt and suppressive attitudes. Perhaps you should look to finding the greater joy that God intended in human sexuality and the natural law? TOB is clearly a needed language for today’s world and I am grateful for the sanctity of John Paul that brought this understanding forth so wholely, and also, so Holy.

Saint Pope John Paul the Great, pray for us. Lord, God of Hosts, have Mercy on us.

We need to be careful of TOR as well.

It’s unfortunate that Holland and the Flemish part of Belgium seem to be at the forefront of progressive thought.

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